Bathwater (Invincible Overlord Remix)
Released: 2004
Formats: CD single
Label: Universal Import



Tracklist: Australia Import

  1. Bathwater (Invincible Overlord Remix)
  2. Its My Life (Jacques Lu Conts Thin White Duke Remix)
  3. Bathwater (Remix Video)
  4. Its My Life (Video)

Additional Information: Even though this remix was released on the “It’s My Life” import single, it also appears on it’s own as an Australian import. The “Bathwater” remix was mixed by Invincible Overlord, Tom’s side project instrumental group. It keeps a lot of the elements of the original song but adds a techno beat and thumping bass line. Many fans prefer this version of the original. The “It’s My Life” (Jacques Lu Conts Thin White Duke Remix) is such a beautiful mix and gives the song a new light of it’s own bringing forth harmonies and sounds not heard in the original version. It ended up getting the band another Grammy nomination. This CD single also includes enhanced versions of the “Bathwater” remix video and “It’s My Life”.




Tracklist: UK Import

  1. Bathwater (Invincible Overlord Remix)

Additional Information: This UK single version only includes the one track inside a special sleeve.