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* = promo single and/or digital download only

No Doubt

[table]single_squeal, single_doghouse, single_jag
Squeal* (1994), Doghouse* (1994), Just a Girl (1995)[/table]

[table]single_spiderwebs, single_dont, single_excuse
Spiderwebs (1995), Don’t Speak (1996), Excuse Me Mr.* (1996)[/table]

[table]single_happynow, single_sunday, single_heyyou
Happy Now?* (1997), Sunday Morning (1997), Hey You* (1997) [/table]

[table]single_new, single_ex, single_simple
New (1999), Ex-Girlfriend (2000), Simple Kind of Life (2000)[/table]

[table]single_bathwater, single_heybaby, single_hella
Bathwater (2000), Hey Baby (2001), Hella Good (2001)[/table]

[table]single_undern, single_running, single_life
Underneath It All (2002), Running (2003), It’s My Life (2003)[/table]

[table]single_eitla, single_bathwaterremix, single_stand
Everything In Time* (2003), Bathwater (Remix) (2004), Stand and Deliver* (2009)[/table]

[table]single_settle, single_push, single_looking
Settle Down (2012), Push and Shove* (2012), Looking Hot (2012)[/table]


Gwen Stefani

[table]single_what, single_rich, single_holla
What You Waiting For? (2004), Rich Girl (2004), Hollback Girl (2005)[/table]

[table]single_cool, single_luxuirous, single_crash
Cool (2005), Luxurious (2005), Crash (2006)[/table]

[table]single_yummy, single_wind, single_sweet
Yummy (Promo) (2006), Wind It Up (2006), The Sweet Escape (2006)[/table]

[table]single_4, single_now, single_early
4 In The Morning (2007), Now That You Got It (2007), Early Winter (2008)[/table]

[table]singles_baby, single_spark, single_used
Baby Don’t Lie (2014), Spark the Fire (2014), Used To Love You (2015)[/table]

[table]smallsingle, new_image, new_image
Make Me Like You (2016), Misery (2016), You Make It Feel Like Christmas[/table]



[table], new_image, new_image
Kill For Candy (2017), Born to Lie* (2017), All of the Dead Girls* (2017)[/table]

[table], new_image, new_image
On the Charts* (2017), , [/table]



[table]single_moby, single_eve, single_cani
South Side (2000), Let Me Blow Ya Mind (2001), Can I Have It Like That (2005)[/table]

[table]single_bush, single_kings, voice_single
Glycerine (Live)* (2012), Kings Never Die* (2015), Leather and Lace* (2015)[/table]

[table]break, handscover, new_image
Go Ahead & Break My Heart*, Hands (2016) , [/table]