Weenie Roast ’96
Released: Unknown
Formats: Album
Total Length: 54:51

KROQ Weenie Roast, 6/15/96 – Irvine Ampitheatre, Irvine, CA
1. Intro (What’s Cooking) / Excuse Me Mr.* (4:45)
* mislabeled as “Excuse Me, Mister”
2. Total Hate* (2:58)
* mislabeled as “Go Away”
3. Total Hate* (1:08)
* continued – mislabeled as “Bradley”
4. Spiderwebs* (5:32)
* mislabeled as “Spiderweb”
5. Don’t Speak (5:23)
6. Let’s Get Back* (4:46)
* mislabeled as “Back Together”
7. Just A Girl (5:51)
1991 demo recordings produced by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers
8. Big City Train* (3:38)
mislabeled as “Waiting For The Train”
9. Doormat* (2:45)
* mislabeled as “Don’t Treat Me Like That”
10. Ache* (3:59)
* mislabeled as “The Pain Is Tremendous”
11. Paulina (2:38)
12. Where’s Your Lovin’? (2:55)
13. Total Hate* (2:37)
mislabeled as “Throw It Away”
14. No Doubt (2:09)

Additional Information:
Excellent recording from the original radio broadcast. A remixed version of this show (excluding “Total Hate” and some chatter) was aired in September 1996 on the radio show In The Zone.Bootlegs are very good from a tape source.

NOTE: This bootleg was later released by other bootleg labels. The second version was titled Just A Girl and had a different cover. Contents are the same. The third is Disneyland Demos and features the same contents but includes the demos before the live tracks.