Rock Steady
Released: 12/11/2001
Formats: Album, cassette tape, vinyl, digital
Total length: 49:14
Labels: Interscope

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    1. Rock Steady (Intro) (G. Stefani, T. Kanal) (0:25)
    2. Hella Good (G. Stefani, P. Williams, C. Hugo, T. Kanal) (4:02)
    3. Hey Baby (G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont, R. Price) (3:27)
    4. Making Out (G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) (4:14)
    5. Underneath It All (G. Stefani, D. Stewart) (5:02)
    6. Detective (G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) (2:53)
    7. Don’t Let Me Down (G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) (4:09)
    8. Start The Fire (G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) (4:08)
    9. Running (G. Stefani, T. Kanal) (4:01)
    10. In My Head (G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) (3:25)
    11. Platinum Blonde Life (G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) (3:27)
    12. Waiting Room (Prince. G. Stefani, T. Kanal, T. Dumont) (4:27)
    13. Rock Steady (G. Stefani, T. Kanal) (5:21)

Enhanced content: “Hey Baby” video, Rock Steady screensaver and the “Making of Rock Steady” documentary


Alternate Releases:

  • Rock Steady vinyl 

Additional Information:

No Doubt had fun recording this album and it shows in the material. Rock Steady was written in parts of Los Angeles and San Fransisco than the band teamed up with other artists in London and Jamaica. Prince, Sly & Robbie, The Neptunes, and William Orbit were among the many artists the band collaborated with on the album.

During a discussion over dinner in late 2000, the band members decided they wanted to explore dancehall-style rhythms for their next album. No Doubt began work on the album in January 2001 by creating beats on Pro Tools at guitarist Tom’s apartment. The group often tried recreating beats from other song files on the computer, which resulted in modified versions of the original rhythms. They worked with producer Philip Steir at Toast Studios in San Francisco during this time, where the beginnings of “Hey Baby” emerged. Many of the demos recorded during these early sessions were used in the final tracks, rather than completely reworking the songs.

Gwen then headed to London shortly after and the whole band ended up joining her to finish recording “Detective”. No Doubt then teamed with Eurythmics member David A. Stewart and wrote what would become a Grammy winning song for the band, “Underneath It All”, in ten minutes. Then they were off to Jamaica and worked with producers and toasters on “Hey Baby”, “Underneath It All” and “Start The Fire”. No Doubt returned to Los Angeles to work with hip-hop producers Timbaland and Dr. Dre on two songs that didn’t make the final cut, “It’s A Fight” and “Wicked Day”. Though the band only worked with The Car’s Ric Ocasek on two tracks, “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Platinum Blonde Life”, Gwen says that she wanted to work more with him. Once the final songs were chosen for Rock Steady, the band was off to London to mix the album with Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.

“Waiting Room”, which was co-written with Prince, was actually written for Return of Saturn.

Rock Steady, which was released in the US on December 11, 2001, has sold close to 3 million copies and reached the #9 spot on the Billboard 200.