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[table]No Doubt
Members of No Doubt were once in a band called Primary Colors. They performed once at a talent show.
The band was also known as Apple Core as well. They played the talent show at Loara High School under that name.
No Doubt was formed March of 1987.
No Doubt first started by covering Madness songs.
The name “no doubt” came from former lead singer John Spence after his favorite expression.
No Doubt’s first gig was at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach on March 12 1987 opening for The Untouchables. Tony attended the show as a fan.
No Doubt’s lead singer John Spence committed suicide in an Anaheim park in December of 1987. A few days before the band plays their first industry gig at the Roxy.
No Doubt actually called it quits in January of 1988 then reformed stating that it’s what John would have wanted.
No Doubt’s first out-of-state show in Arizona in the summer of 1989.
The band used to have “pizza mailing list” parties.
Gwen and Tony used to work at the same department store back when they were signed to Interscope records.
When Gwen and Tony first were going out and Gwen was asked what nationality he was she said “Chinese”.
No Doubt recorded their first album No Doubt in Los Angeles for $13 000 and sold only 30000 copies.
No Doubt sold out of the first 1000 copies of The Beacon Street Collection that were only available at local record stores and shows.
The band members worked at the local Dairy Queen to earn extra cash before they became famous.
Beacon Street (actually named Beacon Avenue) is a real street in Anaheim where the band recorded most of The Beacon Street Collection.
No Doubt used to sing karaoke and have double birthday parties for Tony and Adrian at the Linbrook Bowl in Anaheim.
No Doubt used to dig for change in the car for .49 cent tacos at Del Taco in the Beacon Street days.
Jimi Hendrix was a big influence and early favorite of No Doubt members.
It’s been said that both John Spence and Eric Stefani threatened to beat Tony up if he was dating Gwen.
The song “Sad For Me” was written about an old girlfriend of Eric’s named Jennifer Fried.
When No Doubt released their self-titled album in 1992 they gave out “No Doubt” kazoos at the release party.
Gwen met Tony at a New Years Eve party.
Adrian used to live down the street from Tom.
In the early days No Doubt used to have rehearsals every Thursday and Sunday.

Tony broke up with Gwen after a 7 year relationship in 1994. He states that they couldn’t grow being together anymore and needed space.
Tragic Kingdom was recorded in 11 different studios and took over 2 and a half years to make.
Eric Stefani left the group before Tragic Kingdom was completed to be an animator for The Simpsons.
No Doubt played the main stage at the first Warped Tour in 1995.
Eric and Gwen attended therapy classes together after he left the band in 1995. Its reported that they were “patching up their relationship”.
Tragic Kingdom didn’t make the charts when it was first released.
Tragic Kingdom debuted on the Billboard charts at #175 eventually making it to #1.
The infamous SPIN magazine cover (where Gwen is only showcased on the cover) was the inspiration for the “Don’t Speak” video. In actuality No Doubt are poking fun at all the critics during the situation. The band has stated that they were in the middle of a fight during the shoot.
The band nearly broke up before the making of the “Don’t Speak” video because the boys were frustrated with the media constantly only focusing on Gwen. The band acted out their frustrations in the video. (Tom says “If it looks like we’re acting well it’s probably because we weren’t really acting.”)
Tragic Kingdom spent 9 weeks at the #1 spot on the Billboard album charts selling more than 800000 copies in 2 weeks.
No Doubt spent their day off touring in Jerusalem and swam the Dead Sea.
Star Wars creator George Lucas’s daughter is a huge No Doubt fan. They attended No Doubt’s show in Northern California in 1997 and were invited backstage to meet the band. George returned the favor to the band and invited them to the The Phantom Menace set in London.
Prince attended No Doubt’s Minneapolis show in 1997 and Tony got to meet his hero before the band played.
The “Oi To The World” video was shot on a digital camera by Sophie Muller while the band was on tour in India.
The band all bought houses after the Tragic Kingdom tour in 1998.
The band vowed to stop eating fast food (besides Tony) at the time in 1997.
No Doubt used to throw joint birthday parties for Adrian and Tony at Gwen’s house.
Tom and Tony have had their guitar/basses worked on at Soest Guitar in Anaheim. The daughter of the owner of Soest Guitars was No Doubt’s tech for the Tragic Kingdom tour.
No Doubt was pretty upset about the techno remix of “Don’t Speak” that was released in Europe. Tony recalled laughing the first time he had heard it.
The “Don’t Speak” video was filmed in a prop room that used to belong to a silent film studio.
In the “Sunday Morning” video the cans of sauce are “Anaheim Tomato Sauce” and have the red-dress picture of Gwen from the Tragic Kingdom cover.
The guitar-solo in “Don’t Speak” is spliced together from six different solos.
Even though “Don’t Speak” is the bands most played song the band say they’re not bored of performing it live. They view it as one of their “little rest moments onstage.”
No Doubt is in the 1999 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for having longest number of weeks with a #1 song. (“Don’t Speak” for 16 weeks.)

The Live in the Tragic Kingdom DVD was supposed to come out around Christmas 2000.
The “Ex-Girlfriend” video was the first rock video for director Hype Williams outside of hip-hop.
The Psycho Ex remix of “Ex-Girlfriend” appears in the PlayStation 2 game Frequency.
“Staring Problem” is the oldest song on Return of Saturn and was written in Gwen’s living room with Eric Stefani.
“Bathwater” was written at the last moment.
“Waiting Room” was originally supposed to be on Return of Saturn but ended up being on Rock Steady. The band thought it was a better fit on the latter.
At the beginning of “Home Now” the person says “Victoria change at Victoria”. This is taken from the underground tube on the Victoria Line (blue) in London nearby where Gavin Rossdale lived at the time.
Artificial Sweetener was the original title of Return of Saturn.
“Simple Kind of Life” was supposed to be the first single off of Return of Saturn.
A rumor went around in March of 2000 that the band broke up. Tom actually had to go on the official site and posted: “Regarding the rumor going around that we’re breaking up; it’s not true. No Doubt is not breaking up. A number of journalists have speculated about this recently when we explained to them that we approached the making of Return of Saturn as if it were our last album. By this we meant that wanted to give it everything we had and in turn make it the best it could be. We have had no discussions within the band about hanging it up after this album. We are excited about getting out there and playing these new songs for everyone. See you soon.”
No Doubt was scheduled to tour with the Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine in 2000 but the Beastie Boys cancelled the tour.
Gabrial McNair stated that “Magic’s In The Makeup” was going to be a single in November 2000.
“Six Feet Under” was played on Los Angeles radio frequently the end of 2000.
No Doubt was said to have contributed a remix of “Magic’s In The Makeup” featuring Beenie Man for the Bridget Jones’s Diary soundtrack in 2001. The Neptunes-produced remix named “Magic” was later refused by the soundtracks’s producers.

Most of the early demos for Rock Steady actually made the album.
And most of Rock Steady was recorded at Tom’s house in Los Angeles.
While in London recording Rock Steady the band rented out a 5 bedroom house. The toilet exploded on Adrian and Tony the first night in the house.
No Doubt’s 2002 Rolling Stong photo shoot was actually shot in Gwen’s pool. Adrian was also super sick during the shoot.
During their stop in Las Vegas on the Rock Steady tour No Doubt was presented with commemorative No Doubt Rock Steady limited edition $5 chips by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.
No Doubt were presented with the Anaheim Key to the City on November 22 2002.
The video for “Running” was shot in Laguna Beach California on the way home from performing on the Super Bowl.
Another rumored title for Rock Steady was Island in the Sun.
The song “Perfect Day” was co-written by Gwen for Keli’s Wanderland in June of 2001. The rest of the band play backup on the song.
Rock Steady was originally scheduled for a November 2001 release.
No Doubt’s fan forum was shut down for awhile in January 2002 due to too many abusers. A petition was started to bring it back.
The original title for “Hey Baby” was “Boys and Girls.”
Both Tony and Gwen ended up with ear infections after shooting the “Hella Good” video in Long Beach.

The “It’s My Life” video was shot at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles which is rumored to be haunted.
The band’s least favorite video is “Spiderwebs.”
One of the band’s favorite videos is “New.”
Gwen and Tom both like to eat sushi.
While touring No Doubt have a personal trainer who hides all the cookies from the band. The band always end up finding them though and say it’s like a game.
No Doubt was asked to be on an episode of South Park but it never happened.[/table]

[table]Adrian Young
Adrian was born on August 26 1969
Adrian is a Leo
Adrian attempted drumming to O.C. band Doggy Style’s “Bend Over” for his ninth grade talent show.
Adrian used to work at a waiter as a steak house.
Adrian is a psychology major.
Adrian used to run/own Schwing magazine with Joe Escalante (the drummer of The Vandals). The magazine was described as an “alternative golfing publication.”
Adrian proposed to his now-wife Nina during No Doubt’s last club tour show in 1999 on stage before “Spiderwebs.” The Vandals’ drummer continued the rest of the show in Adrian’s place.
Adrian got a ticket in London for driving on the wrong side of the road while recording Rock Steady in 2001.
Adrian’s first son Mason James was born February 9 2002.
Adrian was named Sexiest Man in Music from Playgirl in May 2003.
Adrian was on the basketball team in high school.
Adrian loves golf and would be a professional golfer if he wasn’t in the band.
Adrian’s wife Nina used to work for No Doubt as a production coordinator.
Adrian is against Napster while Gwen is for it.
Adrian used to have a crush on Gwen. He once got the courage to ask her out while driving down to her work. He heard that her and Tony broke up but they got back together before Adrian could do anything.
Adrian joined the band in 1989. He was asked to join after battling another drummer head to head during a second try-out.
Adrian lied to get into the band saying that he’s been drumming since 1983. In actuality he started drumming on Christmas day of 1987.
Adrian’s first record was Road to Ruin by The Ramones.
Adrian was a huge fan of No Doubt before he joined the band.
Adrian names The Police’s Stewart Copeland and Rush’s Neil Pert as his biggest drumming influences.
Adrian has participated in several celebrity golf tournaments.
When the band performed on “The Late Show With David Letterman” Adrian had stage fright. He was just going “I can’t believe I’m doing this right now!” kicking himself. Another time he had strep throat.
Adrian has given Neil Young a high five.
Adrian was beat by Anthrax’s Scott Ian on VH1’s Celebrity Jeopardy.
Adrian has four brothers: Damian / Jeff / Alex / Aaron
Adrian has said one of his favorite songs to perform live is “Total Hate.”
Adrian’s house has seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Adrian’s drum kit is in a former wine cellar room located at the basement of his house to practice.
Adrian’s favorite television channel is the Discovery channel.
Adrian’s favorite bands are The Beatles / Fishbone / Devo /Foo Fighters / Led Zeppelin.
Adrian has a signed KISS pinball machine.
In 2004 Adrian released his own line of drumstick bags with Zidijan that were available at Guitar Center and online.
Adrian held his wedding at his house in Long Beach. Tom and Tony were best men and Gwen was a bridesmaid.
Adrian has 3 tattoos one of them being the No Doubt logo on his upper thigh.
In Europe Adrian performed an entire show totally naked and even danced with Gwen onstage while á la nude.
Adrian doesn’t believe in ghosts.
Adrian’s wife Nina worked for the Stone Temple Pilots as well as No Doubt.[/table]

[table]Gwen Stefani
Gwen was born October 3 1969 at St. Jude’s Hospital in Fullerton California.
Gwen and brother Eric used to put on puppet shows for the neighbors.
Gwen’s middle name is Renee.
Gwen is a Libra.
Gwen wears a size 8 shoe.
Fireworks would fall into the Stefani’s backyard because the family lived so close to Disneyland.
Gwen attended Ball Junior High / Loara High School / Cal State Fullerton University.
Once Gwen went jogging in Paris and got lost while touring in 1997. She had to call her Father to call the hotel to get directions on how to get back.
Gwen is named off of a character in a book her mom was reading when she was pregnant with her
Gwen credits her brother Eric for getting her into the ska scene. He would bring home records from The Selecter and Madness.
One of Gwen’s earliest childhood memories is of her and Eric taking the white filling out of Oreos and making balls with them.
Gwen had a cat called Snoopy Boops when she was little.
Gwen used to carry around a little electronic speller with her everywhere she went. She called herself a “lousy speller” and hating spelling in school.
Gwen claims she didn’t do very good in school.
One of Gwen’s nicknames when she was growing up was “Sunshine”.
Gwen used to skip school and go hang outside rock venues to hear her favorite bands play growing up.
Gwen is a thrift store junkie.
Gwen’s first kiss was in the 8th grade with a boy with braces.
Gwen’s senior prom dress was a replica of Gene Kelly’s dress from the film Rear Window. Gwen’s mom made it for her.
Gwen’s favorite food is sushi.
Gwen volunteered to cry in the “Don’t Speak” video but she got so hysterical that most of it had to be edited out.
One of Gwen’s first concerts was Emmylou Harris.
Gwen’s parents were in a folk band when she was growing up called the Intertubes. Her father played guitar and her mom played the harp.
Gwen grew up listening to alot of Bob Dylan and The Doors.
Gwen grew up Catholic. Gwen prays and takes the time out to be thankful. Her mother always told her “pray and you find peace.”
Gwen was asked to share vocal duties with lead singer John Spence.
Gwen played the piccolo in Loara High School’s marching band.
Gwen has stated that she was attracted to boys who looked like Robert Smith (from The Cure) in high school.
Gwen has two brothers Eric and Todd and one sister Jill.
Gwen has been dying her hair blonde since she was in the 9th grade.
Gwen shared a bright pink bedroom with her sister Jill until she was 16 years old. Her parents then renovated the house and she got her own room downstairs.
Gwen didn’t have many friends in high school.
Gwen pierced her nose at 25. She later had a bet with Tony to have his nose pierced (which he lost).
Gwen was once a lifeguard in high school alongside Mad TV‘s Micheal McDonald.
Gwen’s first public performance was at her Loara High School talent show where she sang The Selecter’s “On My Radio” wearing a dress her mom made her like Maria from The Sound of Music.
Gwen’s mother Patti made most of her clothes growing up.
Gwen once cited her heroes as: Suggs from Madness / Kermit the Frog / Julie Andrews / Angelo Moore from Fishbone.
Gwen’s nickname in high school was “frog” which was given to her by her swim team.
Gwen kept in shape growing up by being on both the soccer and swim teams.
Gwen’s favorite movie is The Sound of Music.
Gwen once made blizzards for Dairy Queen.
Gwen likes everything on her pizza except for sausage pepperoni and anchovies.
Gwen’s favorite colors are yellow and pink.
Gwen’s least favorite color is purple.
Gwen broke her foot on the Tragic Kingdom tour.
Gwen lost her voice and the group had to cancel thier second European tour in 1996. (She lost it during the band’s famous Roseland Ballroom show in New York. The footage is featured in the “Don’t Speak” video.)
Gwen used to occasionally sing “Edelweiss” with her sister.
Gwen majored in art at Cal State Fullerton.
Gwen’s once named Urban Decay and Anna Sui as her favorite makeup brands.
Gwen’s first records: Shawn Cassidy / Men At Work / Super Tramp / Journey.
Gwen originally wrote “Don’t Speak” as a love song. It led to a breakup song after her splitting with Tony.
Gwen’s mother didn’t speak to her for a week after cursing during a show in Costa Mesa California back in 1995.
Gwen appears alongside Rufas Wainwright in his video for “April Fools” (which was filmed mostly at Gwen’s home in Los Feliz).
Gwen threw a huge party for New Years in 1998 that included the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Tommy Lee.
Gwen cried after her MTV New Years performance of “It’s The End of the World (And I Feel Fine)” cause she thought she messed it up really bad.
Gwen’s “Southside” duet with Moby isn’t found on the original version of his album cause he thought it didn’t fit. The version with Gwen was released as the single and then Moby re-released the album with Gwen on the track due to it’s popularity.
Gavin proposed to Gwen on New Years Day 2002.
Gwen lent her voice in 2002 to Malice (the hammer-wielding heroine of the Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 games). She and the guys become cool characters as they do voice over work for one of their favorite pastimes: gaming. Too bad the project was eventually shelved and then released in 2004 with none of thier voices.
Gwen had her bachlorette party on July 7 2002 and ended with Gwen falling into Gavin’s arms the following morning. The next morning her friends and family threw her a bridal shower which she of course attended with sunglasses on.
Gwen was 3 hours late to her first wedding ceremony in London at the St Paul’s Church in London’s Covent Gardens amid family and close friends – including members of her No Doubt family.
Gwen held a bible and her grandmother’s rosary in her hand while she walked down the aisle.
Gwen had a second wedding ceremony poolside back in Hollywood at label head Jimmy Iovine’s home.
Gwen inducted The Police into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10 2003.
Gwen and Gavin had the name “Kingston” picked out as a name for thier upcoming child back in 2001 while recording Rock Steady.
They also bought a rasta hat while recording in Jamaica in 2001 that he was seen taken home from the hospital in.
Gwen is allergic to penicillin.
Gwen first met Sting back in the late 1980s backstage after a concert. She recalled that he was very rude to both her and brother Eric. He has since apologized.
Gwen loves performing “End It On This” and No Doubt’s cover of Sublime’s “DJs” live.
Gwen’s used the alias name “Daria Blue” when she checked into hotels during the Tragic Kingdom days.
One of Gwen’s favorite places to eat was Mama Cozza’s Italian Restaurant in Anaheim.
Gwen says she always dreamed of working at Disneyland and singing at the Disneyland hotel.
Gwen once was Winnie the Pooh for halloween.
Gwen’s sister Jill appeared in the “Just A Girl” video while pregnant with Gwen’s niece Madeline.
Gwen has a green band-aid on her arm in the “Just A Girl” video.
Gwen likes chocolate (especially Reese’s Pieces) and admits to eating ice cream when she’s feeling depressed.
Gwen wore braces but had them taken off right before the making of the “Ex-Girlfriend” video saying she couldn’t sing well in them.
Gwen never dreamed of being a rock star. She has always wanted to get married and have a family – she said that in elementary school when the teacher asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she always drew a bride.
Gwen feels like she forced Tony to date her. She said she’d drive across town to look at him and one day while they were walking down the street she said “So are you going to kiss me or what?”
Gwen used to be addicted to Antiques Road Show on PBS.
Gwen doesn’t like to watch a lot of TV.
As a child Gwen liked playing “musical house” with her sister Jill and her cousins. It was a made-up game that required all words be sung and not spoken.
The inspiration for “Just A Girl” came when Gwen’s dad didn’t want her to drive late at night because she was a girl.
Gwen’s favorite song off Rock Steady is the last track on the CD simply named “Rock Steady.”
Gwen has admitted she is obsessed with Velveeta Cheese. She forced Gavin to love it as well.
Two years into the Tragic Kingdom tour Gwen’s hair was beginning to fall out. She decided to just chop it off into her now memorable short “boy cut”.
Gwen claims that she’s “slightly dyslexic” saying “[she] did high school all over again” (referring to college).
Gwen lived at home with her parents until she was 30.
Gwen says that she has a habit of talking a lot.
Newsweek magazine once referred to Gwen as a “skank”.
Gwen admits that when she was at school she had bad style. She said she use to wear old Godzilla T-shirts and pajama bottoms.
One of Gwen’s most memorable moments was sitting in her parent’s house watching the “Just A Girl” video for the first time on television.
Gwen and Gavin broke up for a little time in 1999.
Gwen was first spotted with braces at a Rage Against the Machine show on November 11 1999. She wore them to tighten the bridge between her teeth.
Gwen’s sister Jill performed a solo show in September of 2000 and Gwen and Tom stopped by during the show. Gwen got on stage and sang “Suspension Without Suspense” with her.
Gwen didn’t mean for her hair to turn pink in 1999. She was actually trying to red but it turned out pink. It was said that her and Gavin were going through a breakup and she wanted to do something drastic.
Gwen went back to blonde in September of 2000.
Gwen was the only who revealed information about Rock Steady in November of 2000.
It was rumored that Gwen was once up for the role as Dazzler in X-Men 2.
Gwen originally wanted to release an EP to go with the the Harajuku Lovers Live DVD with songs like “Wind It Up” and “Orange County Girl” but producer Pharrell Williams insisted she do a whole album (hence The Sweet Escape).
The orginal title for Gwen’s second solo record was going to be “Candyland” named ater a cut that didn’t even make the album.
Rapper Slim Thug is on the original version of “Breakin’ Up.” Gwen was unsure about adding a rap to the song. He did it in one take. It did not make the album though.
Gwen spent ten days straight in the studio in Miami with Pharrell and recorded 4 songs: “Wind It Up” / “Orange County Girl”/ “Breakin’ Up” / “Candyland”.
Gwen once wrote a song after Sylvia Plath called “Sylvia” but she never finished it.
Gwen tried out for roles in both Fight Club and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
Gwen used to doodle frogs on her papers when she was in school.
Gwen’s pink microphone in the “Ex-Girlfriend” video had to be hand-painted with pink nail polish.
Every year Gwen makes a trip out to Knott’s Berry Farms in southern California.
Gwen’s favorite song off of Return of Saturn is “Magic’s In The Makeup.” She thinks it sums up the whole album
Gwen attended her first Madonna concert when she was 18 with her boyfriend Tony. She then saw Madonna again back in 2004 with Gavin and they sat in the front row.
Gwen used to be neighbors with Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Tony.
Gwen bought her brother Todd a house for his wedding present and purchased a car for her sister Jill.
Gwen’s sister Jill and neice Madeline used to live with her.
Gwen remembers running around the Disneyland Hotel when she was little with her siblings.
Gwen was a bridesmaid in both Tom and Adrian’s wedding and also her brother Todd’s.
Gwen attended Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s wedding.
Gwen’s wedding dress took 7 months to make.
Gwen used to listen to Madness’ “Our House” before every show.
Gwen wrote her own speech when she inducted The Police into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
When Gwen flew to London to be with Gavin for Christmas of 2001 she claims that her and Gavin never left the top floor of the house for the entire week.
One of Gwen’s favorite beauty products is toothpaste.
Gwen made her own dress for the 1998 Grammy Awards (the sheer one). She admitted that she was up the whole night before dying it in her kitchen.
Gwen auditioned for the role of “Kay Lake” in The Black Dahlia but lost out to actress Scarlett Johansson.
Gwen was known to wear a lot of train conductor hats around the time the “Trapped In A Box” music video was made.[/table]

[table]Tom Dumont
Tom was born on January 11 1968 in Los Angeles California.
Tom is a Capricorn.
Tom was adopted and raised by a Nun.
Tom has one brother John and two sisters Gina and Ellen.
Tom peeped in on a No Doubt rehearsal and decided to join the band.
Tom ran a music equipment rental business even after No Doubt signed with Interscope Records in 1991.
Tom majored in music at Cal State Fullerton.
Tom uses Hamer guitars and taught Gwen how to play between Tragic Kingdom and Return Of Saturn.
Tom has never been officially welcomed into the band. He was just accepted after jamming with No Doubt.
Tom first learned to play the guitar when he was 12 years old and was in his sister’s band Rising before joining No Doubt.
Tom says that if he weren’t in the band he would definitely be an elementary school teacher.
Tom grew up listening to Disney records.
Tom was the one who came up with the layout and designs for the Tragic Kingdom album.
Tom’s father played piano.
Tom’s favorite bands are Iron Maiden and KISS.
Tom loves surfing.
Tom’s best friend is Donny Spada who has been with No Doubt since the early 1990s.
Tom loves interior design.
Tom lists Rush’s Alex Lifeson and Deep Purple’s Ritchie More and Gwen as his influences.
Tom’s old band Rising shared the same rehersal space as No Doubt back in 1989 in Anaheim.
Tom credits listening to Oingo Boingo and Steel Pulse and then ended up quiting his metal band.
Tom responded to a No Doubt flyer about a new guitarist wanted.
Tom is Shifty Shellshocker from former Crazy Town’s brother-in-law.
Tom asked his girlfriend Meike to marry him in late 2003.
Tom used to have a Jack Russel Terrier named Vinnie saying he was “the cutest freaking dog ever.”
Tom’s first record was KISS which he recieved for Christmas when he was 8.
Toms older sister has a degree in Classical Guitar at UC Irvine and Tom learned a lot of stuff from her in the beginning.
Tom’s favorite song off of Tragic Kingdom is “End It On This.”
Tom shared that he collects old radios.
Tom has a passion for muscle and classic cars from the 1960s.
Tom once described his ideal girl as “sharp witted / outgoing / sexy / nasty”.
Tom rented all the guitars he used when the band recorded Tragic Kingdom.
Tom learned some piano and singing at Orange Coast Collage.
Tom likes to watch home improvement shows.
Tom is a huge South Park fan.
Tom got his first electric guitar when he was 13. A black Les Paul copy he got it because he liked Ace Frehley (of KISS).
Tom studied at Orange Coast College[/table]

[table]Tony Kanal
Tony was born on August 27 1970 in Kingsbury England.
Tony is a Leo.
Tony lived in England until he was 11 years old.
Tony grew up on the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang soundtrack.
Tony was the band’s unofficial manager upon entering the group in 1987.
Tony is a psychology major.
Tony flew his family out to India for a rare visit in 1997 while No Doubt was on tour.
Tony attended his senior prom with Gwen.
Tony played saxophone in high school and was in the jazz band.
Tony got his nose pierced after he lost a bet with Gwen (who fainted during the procedure).
Tony has one brother Neil.
Tony lists Prince as his main influence.
Tony attended Cal State Fullerton.
Tony used to work at the same department store as Gwen.
Tony’s first record purchased was Men At Work’s Business As Usual.
Tony once owned his own record label under Interscope — Kingsbury Studios.
Tony owns muliple cats.
Most of his solo material work with Gwen was recorded at his home.[/table]