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Up next, we’re curious which track from No Doubt’s masterpiece of an album, Return of Saturn, do you find most underrated? Return of Saturn came out on top as the fan’s favorite album in recent poll and some of the songs on the album rank as some of the band’s strongest to date. Which ones do you feel didn’t get the recognition they deserve?

Return of Saturn was released back in 2000 and it debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts. With over dozens of songs recorded for the album, a select and special fourteen were featured including “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater”, “Magic’s In The Makeup” and “New”. No Doubt hit the road before and after the album’s release for a full fledged tour in which they performed and treated fans to their new material live (with the exception of “Dark Blue”).

Several notable B-sides were released alongside the album on singles and deluxe editions such as “Big Distraction”, “Full Circle”, “Cellophane Boy” and “Beauty Contest” (which we’ll include in a another poll soon).

Most notable tracks: “New”, “Ex-Girlfriend”, “Simple Kind of Life”, “Bathwater”

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For our next series of polls, we’re curious which song from each of No Doubt’s albums do you find the most underrated. We’re trying to put together a comprehensive list of the band’s best “unheard” and overlooked tracks — and because it sounds like a fun topic to discuss!

We’re not asking fans to necessarily vote for their favorite songs or the “hits”, but which tracks are most overlooked and what they would like to see the band revisit. Some material has yet to be performed at all really (i.e. “Dark Blue”, “World Go ‘Round”, “Waiting Room”, most of Push and Shove) which, in our opinion, deserves a chance to be heard live. But… we are also saying that some of these tracks may not be considered as strong as some either.

We hope to have new polls up every few days in the next couple of weeks for each album. Once all of the votes are tallied, we’ll put together a massive post with the top picks. After submitting your vote, please feel free to leave a comment and let us know why you picked which track — we’re wanting to include comments from our visitors in the results post. If this is successful, we also plan on holding a “tournament” of sorts to find out which the top No Doubt songs of all-time are.

22 Replies to “Vote: Most Underrated Song From ‘Return of Saturn’”

  1. I don’t know about underrated, but the album is certainly underutilized in recent years. I’m going with Home Now because it’s a song that *I* underrated and didn’t like for many years. I gave it another listen a couple years ago and fell in love with it.

    1. “Home Now” is probably in my all-time top 5. It’s such a powerful song and I could die a happy fan if they ever brought it back into the setlist. 🙂

  2. I chose Marry Me even though it’s personally a tie between that & Comforting Lie for me…great fucking songs…Ex-Girlfriend is my favorite ND song ever, I can’t listen to it without replaying it at least two more times 🙂

  3. Tough for me to choose because I love this album SO much… Comforting Lie and Home Now are two of my all-time favorite ND songs, but I gotta go with Home Now as most underrated. I’d love for it to get added to the live rotation, but I can’t really blame them for not playing it… it’s much darker than the rest of their music, and it’s a really tough song vocally.

    Will always keep it on my playlists, though!

  4. I find practically every song on this album underrated. I was going to vote for Suspension Without Suspense but then I saw they have never performed Dark Blue live which is really sad! So I voted for it.

  5. I absolutely CANNOT choose just one underrated song from this album! Every single track from Return of Saturn is an absolute gem and deserves its time in the spotlight! I NEED to hear every last one of these songs live at least once in my life!!!

  6. Omg, the entire album is underrated. The only song that I don’t like is SWS… It’s boring, too mellow and more of the same IMO (any B-side is better than that song).

    I think the most underrated songs of the album are: Artificial Sweetener, Home Now and Dark Blue. Too Late is a good one too… This is hard!

    I vote: Home Now and Artificial Sweetener…

  7. I’m faking I love you’s
    You’re forcing me to

    (I don’t think that song is underrated amongst fans tho)

  8. I think Dark Blue is an amazing song from ND well as everyone has said this whole album is I Wish they would go back to a more experimental sound like this when this album came out I thought they where on there way to very experamintal music but they went the opposite

  9. Looks like it going to be SWS another amazing song off ROS it always kinda reminded me of an older 70’s era rock song along the likes of fleetwood mac I never understood why SWS wasn’t released as a single…

  10. I am torn because there is more than one song that I think is underrated, I would say Magic’s in the Makeup, but out of the songs I picked that’s actually the least underrated, they played that song a lot live and probably would have been a single or was a close contender to be released as one and I mean a single with it’s own music video to accompany it. The songs I love and think are underrated are Artificial Sweetner and Comforting Lie. Both songs I think I gravitate towards the most on the album due to the fact that they are similar, yet speak independently, they both have a great rock sound and have a darkness to them. They kind of cover the same subject, but with different situations and I like when you can pull from the same place and express it in multiple ways and storytelling/poetry etc. I also think their fast paced tempo gives life to the album, it is a very dark album in terms of emotion and with that they wrote slower songs, so they help break up the ballads and keep a good even flow of both these amazing thoughtful slow songs, with equally as rich faster songs. The overall arrangement is exciting and beautiful. Very brilliant. I love the whole album, sometimes I think this is my favorite, but I try not to pick favorites, I love them all so much and they all have different meanings and cover different subjects. I can pick times in my life where I can remise on how I once felt or currently feel, so theres no way I could choose a favorite album.

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