Vote Beacon Street Online for Best No Doubt Website at the Forum Awards

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Yay! We’ve been nominated for Best No Doubt Website at the official No Doubt Forum Awards! It’s such a huge honor and we want to thank all that voted for our nomination! Now we need your votes to win! To vote, please sign in to the forum (if you haven’t visited the new version yet, you may need to sign up again) and PM your votes to -Daniel- to submit your votes! If you still need help, just ask!

Thank you so much for taking the time to vote for BSO (Beacon Street Online) for Best No Doubt Website! It’s such a pleasure for all of us to run this website and our visitors make it even better! We also want to wish our fellow No Doubt websites the best of luck and congrats on getting nominated as well! They all inspire us everyday.

Psst, you can also vote for me (Jenny) for Queen of NDC if you want, vote for bathwaternxd. Thank you!

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