Saturday Night with Tribute Band Don’t Speak


Well hello there! This past Saturday night I was able to experience Chicago’s very own No Doubt tribute band, Don’t Speak. I heard about this band sometime a year back when I heard they played Northalsted Market Days. My cousin told me how awesome they were, and I must say I was not disappointed at all. I got to hear some of my favorite live songs and some goodies too. I was able to meet the band before they performed, they were all really nice very approachable as well. If you are a Chicago No Doubter or visiting Chicago, take some time to check them out. They will be playing a couple upcoming shows this June. I had a lot of fun, I’m sure you will as well!

Here are a couple video’s from the show that I captured:

5 Replies to “Saturday Night with Tribute Band Don’t Speak”

  1. The band is by no means terrible but I just can’t believe that people can make a living off being a cover band… It only cements why some bands or musicians like No Doubt make it and why some don’t…

  2. They sound good but she doesnt have any stage presence. Also, there are so many classic Gwen looks (hair & makeup) and it looks like this girl is doing her own thing. I don’t see enough of Gwen in her.

  3. these guys dont make a living off being a cover band. i know each of them personally. they formed this tribute band because they are fans of no doubt and they love to entertain and to have fun with other no doubt fans. they each work full time jobs to make their living. stephanie has amazing stage presence. nxdboy, you must not be able to see very well in these videos or in the photo posted, but stephanie does her hair, makeup and clothing to look like gwen stefani for every performance. it is clear that none of you commenters have seen dont speak in person. every review of this band has been positive. if you live in or near chicago, get out to see them. you wont be disappointed

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