Reminder: BSO Casemate Contest CLOSED; Vote Coming Soon

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was out of town for the last couple days but I’m back now! We are so thrilled — BSO recieved over 500 entries (!!!) and we will have the vote up tomorrow featuring 10 of the best designs we have seen. All of them are amazing so it’s going to be tough! Stay tuned for the winners poll and more details!

Just wanted to remind everyone to keep submitting your original case designs for our Casemate contest — which ends tomorrow (June 24)! We have received overwhelming and amazing designs and we are so excited to announce the top 10 on Saturday for the final vote. We have teamed up with Casemate for an awesome and unique opportunity to create and design your own No Doubt themed cell phone case and win a free one — submit up to five!

Click here for the rules and how to enter!

5 Replies to “Reminder: BSO Casemate Contest CLOSED; Vote Coming Soon”

  1. I really wish they had my phone so I can make a case for it!!!! why are there only 6 phones to choose from? doesnt make any since to me!

  2. Wooooooo, awesome!!!! Can’t wait to see these!

    and is there a way (in your gallery) to upload all the other designs?? All 500+ of them 😛

  3. Hannah, yep! I was planning on creating an album full of them in the gallery soon. Some of them are amazing!

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