Poll: Dream Beacon Street Collection Single?

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We’re curious what song from The Beacon Street Collection should have been released as a domestic single with a music video. Obviously the album was released independently (including vinyl releases of “Squeal” and “Doghouse”), but with backing by Interscope, which song do you think could have had an amazing video to go with it? So many amazing gems are included on the album including “Total Hate ’95”, “Stricken”, “Greener Pastures” and “By The Way”. We’re not necessarily asking for your favorite track, but what song do you think would have done well commercially and could have ben translated into a music video.

Thanks for voting!

17 Replies to “Poll: Dream Beacon Street Collection Single?”

  1. i love so much doghouse………………..
    when i heard it for the first time, i couldnt stop rewind it over and over again

  2. Whenever I listen to Snakes, I get a lot of visuals in my mind. If I recall correctly, it was released on the Beevis and Butthead soundtrack back in 95 or 96.

  3. BLUE IN THE FACE – I don’t think anyone would vote this one seriously.

    TOTAL HATE ’95 – Amazing song for a fan, but a little off for the general public

    STRICKEN – Has anyone counted how many times Gwen says “love” in this song?

    GREENER PASTURES – Amazing song, too slow…

    BY THE WAY – Really amazing, very possible

    SNAKES – Very good song, with a harder rock sound… would be nice to see it acted out.

    THAT’S JUST ME – meh.

    SQUEAL – fun song but too weird for general public

    DOGHOUSE – see Squeal

    I vote: OPEN THE GATE – it’s fun, it kind of embodies the whole album, and is generic enough for the general public– and would have some good video ideas if not made too campy.

  4. I think this is a great and interesting album for the biggest ND fans, but I don’t know if there is really single material on here. Open the Gate is one of my favorites though along with Greener Pastures.

  5. love this poll. this is a hard one though. i equally love By The Way, Stricken, and Greener Pastures. I think Total Hate is the obvious choice if this were to truly happen. You should do a poll that asks which non-single NXD song do we think would be a commercial success if released?

  6. I had such a hard time deciding which one to vote for. Greener Pastures, Total Hate ’95, Stricken or By The Way. I ended up voting for Greener Pastures ;D

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