Poll: What do you want to hear live?

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The band is at rehearsals this week preparing for the full shows at the Gibson Amphitheatre. Everyone has had a chance to choose their favorite songs from Push and Shove. We wanna know what you are excited for the band to preform live?

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20 Replies to “Poll: What do you want to hear live?”

  1. Also agree with Dave. I know it’s a cover, but I love it when they do DJ’s. I hope that is included in their set list this time.

  2. Undercover is a ‘jumping and singing with your eyes closed’ song.
    I also wanna listen to Gwen signing ‘Just like Venus in the morning Sun…’, so I want Gravity live too.

  3. I want to know what P&S will be like live with Stephen doing Busy Signal’s part. I also love Undone and hope they do a nice acoustic set with it included!

  4. Obviously I would love to hear all the songs live at one point or another but i’m sure many fans would be upset if they concentrate too much on P&S. Especially since NxD is getting a lot of backlash for being “too safe”. I love the album but many many of the people around me don’t :(. can’t pls em all i guess. anywho i’d love to hear

    1. Settle Down
    2. Push and Shove
    3. One More Summer
    4. Undercover
    5. Undone
    6. Sparkle
    7. Looking Hot

  5. I’m curious to hear push and shove sound live, and I am not trying to offend but Gwens live voice is unpredictable, its either bad or really good, well most of the time good but she can sound bad to.

  6. They can do a greatest hits tour whenever, but I want to see them perform the majority of the record this time! I’d be pissed if they cut anything except for “Gravity” and “Undone” — I honestly just can’t see those going over well live or with a big crowd.

  7. I wanna hear everything
    I love the new album so much
    my 3yearolds fav is push and shove, i love singin along to it with him
    i really hope they release a concert dvd

  8. I also would rather them concentrate on performing the new record! Not that I don’t love the old stuff, but I’ve heard them all hundreds of times. I want new stuff!! In fact, I wouldn’t even mind if they took Spiderwebs or Excuse Me Mr off the setlist to make room for new songs! I know that won’t happen though…

  9. P&S, obviously. And Gravity! Gravity should have more votes.
    1. Push & Shove
    2. Gravity
    3. One More Summer
    4. Looking Hot

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