New Layout Launched on Beacon Street Online!


Surprise! We’re excited to launch and share our brand new layout on Beacon Street Online!

We worked for about three weeks behind-the-scenes on this one and it features custom artwork created by our fabulous graphic designer Geo. Web-developer Christina put her all into this one and we’ve come up with a savvy look that puts our posts front and center with a clean and slick design.

You’ll now find the menu on the top that expands to our content for easy accessibility. All of our side content is available by clicking the “+” button the right or will appear automatically to your right on each post and page.

We’ll be working on updating most of the pages and content for the new layout over the weekend.

Also, we’ve created a new email address for fans to reach out to us simply at Our personal ones are still active so feel free to email us if you’d prefer or Tweet us!

Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions or ideas! Thank you so much for visiting and the support over the years. A special thank you as well to my amazing, amazing team for taking the time to create our latest and best look yet. It’s going to be a busy few months and we’re looking forward to all the news!

26 Replies to “New Layout Launched on Beacon Street Online!”

  1. It really is so rad! Congrats!!
    You could add your social media accounts’ icons on your header 🙂

    By the way i am really thankful, you’re the best fan source.

  2. I like the layout a lot! Is there a way to see how many comments a post has on it before clicking? This was a feature I used a lot on the old site. Great job and thanks for all the hard work.

    1. Hi! We’re trying to look into doing that but it’s been difficult. I agree, it was super easy to engage in conversations but for now I’ve added the “Discussions” to the side to see the latest comments. I appreciate your feedback! Thanks!

        1. I had it in the right frame but have moved it to the bottom for easy access in the mean time. The theme didn’t allow comments to be on the main page but I’m looking into adding them in somehow. That was a big draw for me, too. Trying to improvise! Hopefully by the end of the weekend we can come up with something.

  3. Nice change, guys! Congrats. My only suggestion would be to get the header image to rotate through a list of images maybe?! And when you click on the bso logo at the top left to go back to the homepage.

    1. Hi! We’re thinking about updating it from time to time with new headers to keep it fresh. As far as the logo goes, we’re working on getting that active but it’s tough with the current theme we have. We’ll keep looking into though! That’s a neat idea. 🙂

  4. Looking good! I agree, miss being able to see the number of comments and jump straight to them.
    Obviously we will survive without that if it’s too difficult. Thanks for all the hard work BSO!!

  5. I am sooooo happy that the layout got updated. It was definitely time for something fresh! Thanks for all of the hard work that you all put into this. All of us fans are very appreciative.:)

  6. What a surprise! Super cool graphics guys…although, I don’t think that looks like Tom…maybe go with blonde hair for him? Just a thought.

    I agree that the number of comments and direct link to discussions on the main page is essential. That is the feature I use the most. The mobile version for iPhone needs some tweaking, but I’m sure you all are working it out still 🙂

  7. Great look! Love the pop art and contemporary design. One might say that it is ‘Bubble Pop Electric’ even . Well done!

  8. Well I agree Tom looks nothing like that. Plus Adrian looks like he’s possessed by the devil, but that’s fitting in a way. 😉

    Other than that I like the pop-art style, well done.

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