Have a Android phone? Get BSO on the go!

We are pleased to announce our first ever app for Android! BSO Mobile offers a one stop spot for everything No Doubt!

App features:

  • Our News Feed
  • Our Twitter Feed
  • Our Youtube Feed
  • No Doubt’s Twitter Feed
Try it out! Give us feed back on what you think! We are also working on a iPhone version as well that offers a bit more options.


13 Replies to “Have a Android phone? Get BSO on the go!”

  1. Wooooow, Jenny. Thank you very much! I’m on my android phone right now and I’m downloading the android version ansiously. Thank you.

  2. Help! My phone won’t let me open it! It says the current setting will only allow apps downloaded from the android market to open. Any body know how I can change this setting?

  3. Help! I have searched the android marektplace up and down under every possible name and can’t find the app! what is it called? Thanks! and thank you for creating one!!!

  4. Courtney, right now it’s still in BETA so you have to download it directly from BSO, and the link is on the side under “BSO Mobile”. It will be published to the stores soon.

  5. @michelle Apple is much more strict & expensive on their app’s. BSO is working on publishing a iphone version but it will take some time. We got too excited about our Android version to wait so that’s why it’s available first. We should have the iPhone version by the end of the month. 🙂

  6. @Janelle

    Here some information I’ve learned regarding our new app.

    The app only supports android version 2.0 and greater. Check and see if you can update your phone to its latest OS update.

    If you have trouble installing your app uninstall and do a reinstall then reboot your phone.

    This is our first app ever so we are working out the kinks and bugs. Thank you for reporting this to us! 🙂

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