Happy New Year From BSO!

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Everyone at BSO would like to wish No Doubt, their families and friends and all of our loyal and dedicated supporters and fans a very Happy and safe New Year! 2011 was an amazing year of buildup and anticipation and now it’s downhill from here! 2012 will bring us a new album from the band, a tour, more fashions and much more from the band! Seriously, couldn’t ask for anything more! The band has been so gracious to BSO this year as well and can’t thank them enough for all of their support and love! We respect them and appreciate all they do for us it’s so surreal to have them behind us. 2012 will also bring Beacon Street Online’s 13th birthday! It’s a huge milestone for a fansite so we couldn’t be any happier with it’s growth and what it will become! We will have major media updates coming (more downloadable audio and video), a revamp of the gallery (we are approaching our 50,000 photo mark!) and hopefully a new fresh look for BSO when the new era begins!

Again, thank you to all that supported us, donated to us, sent us in photos, news, links, Tweeted us, Liked us… it means the world to me personally. I put my heart and soul into BSO and I love how it’s seriously become a hub for No Doubt fans to come to and share their love for the band. Thank you! 2012 is going to be an amazing year!

– Jenny
And thank you to all for the Birthday wishes! I appreciate it!

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