Fan Feature: Joey Gets Close To Gwen And Shows Off His Tattoo

Wow! Thank you to EVERYONE for sending in your submissions for our new Fan Feature section. The response has been amazing and we appreciate it so much! You can keep sending in your stories and photos into me, and I will keep putting them up! Thank you in advance!

And today we are featuring Joey. He was one of the lucky fans last tour that got a photo with Gwen (and even some close encounters!) And he also has a really neat tattoo, check it out!

My story starts in the fall of 2008 when I got my Gwen Stefani tattoo. Yes, that’s right: Gwen’s face is permanently attached to my left leg. People give me a lot of crap for it but they really don’t understand how much of a genuine, positive impact she (and the rest of No Doubt!) have had on my life and that’s what really matters, right?

Anyway, so fast forward to July 5th, 2009 when No Doubt makes the triumphant return to Minnesota. Like any sane human being, my friend Carly and I arrived at the venue approximately 8 hours before doors opened. We pleasantly surprised to find that we were, in fact, the first in line. A little while later, we were joined by a few other hardcore No Doubt fans who we became fast friends with. We spent the whole day eating, talking, and expressing our excitement to bask in the glory of Gwen’s abs. Around noon, the tour club manager came out to hang some signs and direct those of us who got to go in early as part of the tour club where to form a line. The manager said to us, “You guys must be pretty big No Doubt heads if you got here this early!” I responded, “Yeah, I have a tattoo of Gwen so I’m pretty dedicated.” He gave me a surprised look and said, “Well let me see!” I turned my leg toward him and he took out his iPhone and snapped a picture. “Wow, Gwen is going to love this!” he said. For a second, I thought I was hearing voices so I asked him to clarify what he just said. “Gwen’s going to love this! I’m sending it to her!” Instantly, my entire group of friends and I screamed. As soon as he walked away, I sat down and began my first of many, many crying spells that would occur throughout the rest of the day (all tears of joy, I assure you!)

Time dragged on slowly, even though Carly and I were having a blast with out new friends. Finally, they opened doors and we all rushed to the stage and managed to snag front row center spots along the railing. Bedouin Soundclash and Paramore both played and the tension amongst the crowd grew and grew as we anxiously awaited ND to take the stage. Finally, the lights in the Xcel Energy Center went down. Cue more screaming and crying spell #2. The screen lifts and we hear the beginning of “Spiderwebs” and everyone continues to freak out as we catch our first glimpses of Gwen, Tony, Tom, Adrian, Grabrial, and Steve. They perform an epic set and about halfway through, it comes time for “New.” When the chorus begins, Gwen comes down and stands on the barrier right in front of Carly and I and leans on Carly for support. I managed to cop a feel of Gwen’s arm, which I would consider among my greatest accomplishments thus far in life. After Gwen lets go of Carly and heads back on stage, we both turn to each other, tears streaming down our faces and all I hear is Carly shout, “GWEN STEFANI’S BOOBS WERE JUST IN MY FACE.”

The rest of the show goes on and it comes time for the encore. After the last song, Sunday Morning, Gwen is thanking the audience and she jumps down from the stage, grabs one of my new friends’ camera, and takes a picture with us, MySpace style. She climbs back on stage and glitters off. Meanwhile, Tom begins throwing guitar picks into the audience and I am lucky enough to catch one! And, to top everything off, on our way out we find $20 on the ground which we put toward some awesome No Doubt swag.

How cool is that? One of the best days of my life, no doubt!!! (See what I did there?)

I have include a few pictures. One is of my tattoo, one is of my friends and I by the tour club sign, one is an amazing shot of Gwen’s abs that I took, and the last one is THE picture of me with Gwen. You’ll notice me up and to the left.

5 Replies to “Fan Feature: Joey Gets Close To Gwen And Shows Off His Tattoo”

  1. Awesome story! Its very cool to hear that because I was there that night! =] I’ll never forget that night either. <3

  2. Ahhhh! Joey, that was the best night EVER!!!! And yes. Gwen held my hand. And her boobs were in my face. Life = complete.

  3. love it! I saw this and totally remembered the tattoo from waiting in line behind him at the St. Paul show!

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