Fan Feature: Jamilette Runs Into No Doubt On A Flight From Georgia

Thanks so much to Jamilette for sending in! She is today’s featured fan and she has quite a story to share! She was lucky enough to run into the band while they were traveling to Washington DC for the Kennedy Center Honors gala last December.

Great work on the website – to you and your partners! I’m always on the site checking out what’s new with the band! I became friends with you guys on Twitter a while back & you guys commented about my photo with Gwen. Figured I’d send it your way and explain how it all went down …

I was on a flight back from Florida – which connected in Georgia. There, I changed planes and to my astonishment when I walked into the plane I see Adrian and Tony chattin’ it up in first class. Being a HUGE No Doubt fan (not to mention huge Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B. fan) I froze! I then turn slightly to my right and see Tom, turn to my left and see Gwen! Ummm… you can only imagine how I felt! Anyway, I sat in my seat in shock thinking I was in some kind of dream! Once we took off I started thinking of a plan to go up to them and ask for a photo, since I was on a plane and they are mega strict on flights these days, I had no way of going up to them! I remember sitting at my seat and seeing Gwen get up to talk to the guys and their wives/girlfriends. I seriously almost cried because they were so close, yet so far away! (dramatic a bit, perhaps) ha ha! Anyway, we landed at LAX and the moment that seat belt sign turned off I stood up and made my way out of the plane. Just my luck, the entire band surrounded me as we walked towards the exit. At this point my nerves kicked in and embarrassment creeped in because I knew I had to approach them! Once outside, Gwen was standing right next to me and I went for the kill … I asked her if I could take a picture with her and she kindly said yes. She was the nicest and even more gorgeous in person. Soon after the picture she was picked up and drove off. I was so excited/nervous/shocked – that even though the rest of the ENTIRE band was there I couldn’t bring myself to ask for a photo (a regret I now carry) .. anyway – this story is getting TOO LONG – one of my biggest dreams came true. Seriously, who would imagine the ENTIRE band would be on a 4 hour flight with me?!?! Did I mentioned I have a phobia of flying and their presence on my plane totally made those fears disappear? ha!

This happened in December, when they were coming back from the Kennedy Honors and seriously I’m still in awe this ever happened to me!

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  1. Trust me – it took every ounce in my body to keep my cool while on that flight! But they were being mega strict on the flight and the attendant did NOT let me approach them at all. Still UNBELIEVABLE!

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