Fan Feature: Gwen Signs Michelle’s Vintage Tee On Tour

Today’s fan feature comes from the lovely Michelle, who got her retro Tragic Kingdom signed by Gwen on the last tour. It’s so amazing seeing all these stories and how the 2009 tour changed so many fans lives, including mine.

My name is Michelle Bettenhausen and in 2009, my niece Summer and I went to the No Doubt tour in Chicago, IL. I had purchased tickets via ND club and happened to get prime seats aka PIT!!! I was super happy! Back in the day when No Doubt went on tour for the Tragic Kingdom tour, I was at the same venue and purchased a t-shirt, I sat in the WAAAAYYYY back (Gwen was as small as an ant!). I brought that same shirt with me to this concert and was determined to get it signed, or at least try! Summer and I shopped a lil and came back to the pit. The opening acts (including Paramore) came on and we were getting excited, heck I’m excited to be writing about this!!! Was I REALLY going to see No Doubt THIS close?! They came on and all I could do was hold up that t-shirt in hopes Gwen would see it. A couple of songs in, and nothing. I had purchased 2 posters and decided to write on the back of one. Summer, being the awesome niece that she is, wrote on it for me. It said “This shirt is from ur 1995 Tour, Please Sign!” We held both the shirt and poster up in hopes that SOMEONE would notice it (I’ve been to quite a few ND concerts and even Gwen’s SE tour and noticed that she likes to read the posters and stuff). Then, it happened, GWEN looked at my poster and into my eyes! “OMG, did she really just look into my eyes?” I thought. The most amazing concert went on and Gwen kept looking at my poster. The concert ended and No Doubt left the stage and my heart dropped. Was that it? I was a little upset and happy at the same time, I mean… my idol looked into MY eyes and I experienced the best concert with my favorite person.

No Doubt LOVES encores, so of course they hit the stage AGAIN!! HELL YEAH!!! After their encore song, Gwen got off the stage and walked up to ME, put her beautiful arm out for my shirt and a happily handed it to her. I froze, I just stared in awe that she came up to me after the concert. I must have made her happy to see such an old shirt and follower at her concert! I was 14 when I bought that thing! I was the happiest 26yr old “girl” there. I don’t even think Gwen signed anyone else’s things. I left that concert one happy camper!!!

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  1. Michelle, cousin, I have no idea what these bands are you are writing about. Obviously we listen to different music. However, it was so nice to hear your experience with them. I could practically feel your excitement. This article lets me see who you are personally. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing.

  2. thinking i may be the oldest ND fan – almost 49 and totally smitten from the very first note.
    as a band they are more than the sum of their parts. their undeniable talents pale against the passionate and creative family No Doubt have remained. once i saw ‘just a girl’ on tv i became relentless in my hunt for more of their music.
    i love it all; from BND, trapped in a box,sunday morning, big distraction…..bring on gravity!
    i’ve never done blonde & i always wore my bindi on my right cheek, but have always styled myself after gwen. no more midrif tops these days, it’s a L.A.M.B handbag,hoodies etc
    i drive people nuts with my ND obsession, my son (11) famously burst from his room one day shouting ‘please mum, not no doubt again!!’ (rock steady video)
    so super excited anticipating the new album. recently discovered twitter & totally loved seeing ‘songs in the making’ as they happen.
    so that’s me – totally awestruck by them.
    * beacon street forever*

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