Fan Feature Friday: Gina Meets The Band During Fashion Week

So we’ve decided to feature fans every Friday here at BSO — again we want to send out a huge thank you to all who have submitted your stories to us! They are all amazing and it’s so awesome to hear about the surreal opportunities and adventures you all have seeing or meeting the band! Keep sending in your stories and photos to and you’ll be featured on the main page of BSO! Thank you again!

This week we are featuring Gina, you was lucky enough to see Gwen at the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style launch at Sephora last September in New York City. Not only that — she was lucky enough to WIN and attend the Spring 2011 runway show for L.A.M.B., AND get to meet Tony and Tom! Amazing!

First of all, I love BSO! The site is so organized and up-to-date and wonderful! Thank you!

I’m writing in for the fan feature. I have a pretty nice story.

It was the beginning of my senior year of college, September 2010. (I’ve loved ND forever, since middle school or so). Anyway, I heard about the opportunity for the first 100 people to buy the new HL fragrance from Sephora in Soho to get to meet Gwen. On the day before the event I got out of class and went into the city around 2:00am. I was so nervous. When I arrived at Sephora I was relieved to see about 15 dedicated fans already lined on the sidewalk outside Sephora. I took my place in line. I slept on the streets on NYC and made some of the most amazing friends out of fellow No Doubters. When 10am came we entered the store and bought our perfume, which allowed us to receive HL wristbands, along with some free HL swag, like a totebag. I went back to school and took a nap. That night around 9pm there was a VIP event at Sephora just for the 100 people who got the wristbands, the Sephora workers, two of the Harajuku girls, and Gwen. The event was amazing, and adorable. I was so pumped to meet Gwen! During the event, before Gwen came out, there was a raffle. As if my life could have gotten any better at that moment… but it did. I was the first number that they called in the raffle! Which meant that I won a ticket to go see Gwen’s Lamb fashion show the following Thursday!! I never win anything!! I was speechless. It felt like a dream. So finally Gwen came out, and I went up to the table and thanked her about a million times, and gave her a painting I did of the band, with a letter on the back. She was so incredibly nice. She signed my perfume. As soon as I walked away from the table I just began to cry. I was so happy. It was the best night of my life… until the next Thursday.

I had no idea that Tony and Tom would be attending the fashion show. I love Gwen, but I loooooove Tony. I also play bass and I admire him so much. So on the Thursday of the show I travelled into the city with some of the awesome ND buddies I had made who had also won tickets. The show was at Lincoln Center, and again I felt like I was in a dream. As I’m sure everyone knows, the show was beyond amazing. I was seated directly across from Tom and Tony and the whole clan! It was hard to watch the show because I was so excited to see them! As soon as the show ended everyone just started mingling on the floor. I got to meet Tom and Tony and Erin. Tom and Tony signed my Tragic Kingdom DVD, and Tom said, “Oh I’ve never seen this recording of this concert before” which I found funny. I chatted with Erin for so long while Tony was giving an interview about the new album! Erin told me the baby was due in January, on my birthday!!! They were so friendly, I still can’t believe that I got to just stand there and talk to them for so long. It was truly the most amazing experience of my entire life. And I am so happy that I got to meet so many amazing No Doubters during the experience. We really are a family, No Doubt fans. What an amazing band.

Video of her meeting Gwen:

Video of Tony at the show:

Video of Gina at the L.A.M.B. show; 2:50:

2 Replies to “Fan Feature Friday: Gina Meets The Band During Fashion Week”

  1. tony is AMAZZZZZING. i was married to a pro bassist who preferred metal and I mean black, unlistenable metal, but admired Tony alot and tried to teach me a couple ND bass riffs(unsuccessfully). Tony is the backbone of the ND groove!! Can’t wait for the new album-ahh!

  2. Gina that whole experience was “Magical”!!
    I’m sooo grateful to have met you! <3 Jen

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