Congratulations To Our Single Cover Design Contest Winner: Bec!

And now it’s time to announce our winner from our month long upcoming single design cover contest — the lovely Bec took the winning spot with her 2009 tour inspired artwork for “Undercover”. It was instantly one of our favorites after she sent it in. We want to take the time to thank EVERYONE who took time out to create, design and submitted designs to us. We had over 75 amazing entries, making it one of our most effort-pushed successful contests ever! We have a few more contests already in mind! But like I said before, if I was super rich and everyone could be rewarded for their work, I would have everyone a winner! Bec (from No Doubt Australia by the way!) has won a $25 credit to spend on the official No Doubt store! The contest was pretty close and over 500 individual counts were counted! Thank you also to all of our dedicated followers for participating by voting! You can still check out all the submitted entries in gallery here!

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