BSO Nominated For Best Fansite At The NDC Awards!

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Thank you so so so much to all the fans who nominated BSO, we are up for Best No Doubt Fansite at the NDC (No Doubt Community) Awards! We actually won this award last year, and feel very honored to be up for title again! In order to vote, follow the link below, login if you’re a member, and send a private message to the original poster (the directions on the forum explain it a little better then me). Voting is open now, sadly the forum seems to be down, but it should be back up soon!

Deadline for voting will be Wednesday August 11th at 10pm Eastern time. I am going to aim for the Awards Ceremony to be held that friday, August 13th.

Thank you again for all the support over the years, we love serving the No Doubt community!

Click here to vote for BSO! Woo!

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