BSO Exclusive Coverage: Tribute Band No Duh Live In Seattle

Yay! Last night I had the opportunity to finally check out the infamous No Duh, a No Doubt tribute band that’s pretty popular out of Los Angeles. It was pretty cool of them to head up to my neck of the woods where they performed at the Tulalip Casino and Hotel in Tulalip, Washington. Overall I was impressed — besides a couple lyric issues, but nice overall. I felt like that I was going to go in there very critical, but it was more fun than anything. They had a very nice set list that covered the band’s whole career — I was very surprised to hear “Total Hate” and “Trapped In A Box!” I did feel like my friend and I were the only No Doubt fans there to check it out, and the band seemed a little disappointed in the crowd. They did throw a couple of Sublime songs in the mix, including “Saw Red,” which was really cool to see live. Below are a few videos that I took from the show last night, you can check out more on our official YouTube page.

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  1. Wow I’m very impressed by the singer’s voice!! 😮 She looks great and sounds like Gwen on Hollaback Girl, it is amazing!!

  2. Thnx for sharing. They really dont sound bad:)

    I used to go to see Excuse me, our local(NY) ND tribute band and often times I felt like I was the only ND fan lol but it was fun. Like a celebration of no doubt music:)

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