BSO Contest: Design A New Single Cover And Win $25 Of No Doubt Merch

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The time has come to announce our new contest! This time we would like to No Doubters get creaitive! We all a new single from the band should be right around the corner, so we want to see some of your ideas! We want you to design an upcoming single cover using one of the newly revealed possible tracks for the new album! You can use whatever photos you would like (keeping it themed of course), however you may like. Fans can also submit up to five designs for the contest. The contest starts August 1 and runs through the end of the month, till August 31. Winner will be contacted on September 1 and given $25 to spend at the official No Doubt store ( and items can be shipped worldwide! Submitted designs will be featured on BSO in the upcoming weeks to show off some of the amazing artwork we will receive.

The winner will be chosen by the BSO staff this time. You may send us your designs via leaving comments on here, emailing the staff, Facebook and Twitter (all contact information will be listed below in the rules). Good luck to everyone who enters and we cannot wait to see all the designs and who knows, maybe the band will see and take some inspiration!

1. Fans can submit up to five designs in the upcoming single cover contest. You may use any photos you like, please browse our gallery for ideas and inspirations

2. Please come up with stuff on your own, if we see that you are copying someone else, your design will not be counted

3. Use the following tracks for your designs, all titles have been confirmed by the band to possibly appear on the upcoming album:

– Dreaming the Same Dream
– Easy
– Gravity
– Heaven
– One More Summer
– Push and Shove
– Settle Down
– Sparkle
– Undercover

4. Please try and keep your design larger than 500×500 and save in .jpg, .bmp., .gif and .png formats only. Don’t worry about tagging your designs with your name, we can take care of that

5. Submit your designs on BSO directly in the comments, either by uploading your artwork to, etc. and sharing the link, leaving a link to your Facebook (but make sure we can access it!) or a Twitter link.

If leaving your designs on BSO, please leave your contact information so we can notify you, none of your details will be shared. Email your designs to

You can also share your designs on our Facebook page or mentioning us on Twitter

6. The contest starts August 1, 2011 and will run the whole month until August 31. The winner will be chosen by BSO webmasters and will be notified by the head webmaster, Jenny, on September 1.

Winner will recieve $25 to spend on the official No Doubt store ($25+ whatever taxes and shipping) Contest is open to fans worldwide and we will pay for shipping worldwide as well. Please allow 4-6 for delivery and the winner will also be notified when his/her items are shipped from the store. The items will be shipped directly to the winner’s residence

7. Good luck and please do not hestitate to ask questions! We cannot wait to see all the amazing designs! And who knows, the band might see and want to take inspiration!

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