New layout for Beacon Street Online

Do you think we’re looking hot? Welcome to our brand new look! We’ve been working on this idea for quite some time but we’re holding off for some amazing photos to feature. And viola! We all worked together super hard on this layout and it’s our best yet! There are still a couple of small tweaks that still need to be done but we’re in love with it. Fresh, bright (no more black!), larger fonts and cleaner content. Thank you to all the No Doubters for your support and patience! Enjoy! Let us know what you think in the comments and/or on the bandhouse.

I want to personally thank Christina and Geo for all of their super hard work!

14 Replies to “New layout for Beacon Street Online”

  1. I like it but it doesn’t load the text right on an iPhone which is how I view bso most often. It cuts off the right side which it didn’t do before. Dunno if anyone else has this issue?

  2. @Michelle – you’re right, it does! You can always use the mobile version though. Just scroll down to the bottom and turn it on…

  3. It looks good I think. It’s hard to view on my iPhone though. I’m not into the mobile version because I can’t see pictures when scrolling through the main page. The non mobile version is not readable anymore on my iphone. 🙁 but I’m sure I can still see the email updates! So that’s good! And from what I can see from my phone the colors look fabulous!

  4. I mostly look at BSO on my iPhone and can no longer see the cool layout! The mobile view is nothing like the full view. Please don’t leave iPhone users out in the cold!

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