Fan Feature: Heather Visits Beacon Ave. And Meets Someone Special

We’re featuring another fan today — Heather! She’s so sweet for sending in photos and stories from her Anaheim trip back in 2004 during The Singles tour. Not only was she able to make the “pilgrimage” to the band house and Beacon Ave. sign, but she also had a close encounter with some special people!

You may recognize her from being on the TV show Paranormal Activity!

My name’s Heather and I’ve been going on your website for years. Wanted to say that you guys do a GREAT job keeping the fans updated and such. It’s always exciting to see new updates on my twitter feed.

I have 2 photos that I’d like to share from when I took a trip to Anaheim back in 2004. It took us 2 hours to walk from where we were just to find Beacon Ave. It was quite the adventure. Strangely enough on my last day in Anaheim I was eating at a restaurant that I heard Gwen likes called MiMi’s Cafe. My booth was right across the counter from where I noticed an older couple was standing. Right away I noticed that the woman had one of Gwen’s newest LAMB Bags. I got her attention and when the couple turned around it was totally Gwen’s parents! She talked to me about her bag and told me it’s one of the newest styles. Her dad kept looking at my friends and I because we were decked out in No Doubt shirts and my Lamb bag was sitting on the table…plus I kept staring at them haha. The whole time I didn’t have the guts to say that I traveled to CA all the way from Pennsylvania just to scope out the No Doubt sites and that I was a huge fan. I thought it was so crazy that I ran into her parents.

I was so close to meeting them a few years ago when I was involved in this one television show called Paranormal State. Through the TV show I actually met someone who was working production their last tour and was suppose to meet the band, but things didn’t end up working out with the backstage situation. So it didn’t happen. I’m still waiting for that day…like every other fan. At least I got to walk No Doubt grounds!

Remember to keep sending in stories and photos into BSO! We love seeing all of them!

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  1. Thats soo awesome ! I live in anaheim ! And one of these days im gonnna go to Beacon streeet b/c its only about 5 minutes from my house ! Adrian’s dad actually works at my school, Lexington, And he was able to get my adrians autograph on my poster ! So i was super stoked about that !

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