Paramore's Haley Williams Calls No Doubt One Of The "Biggest Bands Of Our Generation"

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How cute — and we couldn’t agree more! Hayley William’s from Paramore just posted on her LiveJournal about the Philadelphia show a couple nights ago, and how it’s been her favorite date on the tour. Close to 25,000 people attended, and it blew her mind. She then goes on how amazing the tour is going, and calling No Doubt one of the “biggest bands of out generation.” Woo!

last night’s show was insane. 25,000 people.



well done, jersey/philly!

we enjoyed a cheesesteak or two. saw a lot of good friends. made some new ones.

it was probably one of my favorite nights on the tour so far. everyone was having a great time. it’s crazy to think we’re only about a month into it. we still have nearly 2 months to go! what a way to spend our summer. touring with one of the biggest bands of our generation. i think if there’s any 4 people we can truly look up to in this business and as people who did it all right. it’s no doubt. awesome people with so much talent. i’m really stoked that we’ve met them..

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