New Layout Launched For BSO!


Woo! So, what does everyone think! Thanks so much to our new head designer Christina, our new layout is up! It kind of came up quickly and features behind-the-scene shots of ND taken by Matt Sharkey rehearsing for the Singles tour in 2004 — it seemed fitting at the moment since the band is in rehearsals at the moment for the upcoming summer tour. We are also working on getting all of our content back up (biographies, facts, journals, links, etc.) as well as our extensive lyrics archive (featuring over 300+ songs now!) We think it looks amazing, clean, and polished than some of our looks in the past. We’re here to provide the latest news to the fans, so we’re getting down to the point and cutting out a lot of the misc. stuff. Tell us what you think! Also have any ideas for additions to the website?

We will also be getting new layouts up for the YouTube and MySpace pages up soon.

Psst — our buddy Heather from Greener Pastures is back up with a familiar layout, check her out!

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  1. WOW,the new layout looks fantastic,Jenny!! Christina did an excellent job. That’s awesome you will be re-adding your content. 🙂

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