Why Gwen Has No Doubts About Love

We love Gwen Stefani for the strong and independent diva that she is. When you see her bouncing around in the “Hey Baby” video, or hear her gushing about her fiance, rocker Gavin Rossdale, she seems to have it all. But it wasn’t always that way. If you’ve ever had boy issues – and who hasn’t? – you’ll find comfort in Gwen’s story.

She thought she met the one
When Gwen was 17, her brother, Eric, started No Doubt. He persuaded Gwen to sing with the band. Then, a 16-year-old bassist named Tony Kanal showed up for auditions in the Stefani garage. Gwen took one look at Tony and knew that she was head-over-heels in love!

Tony liked Gwen, too. But he was nervous about asking her out because of her big bro Eric. On VH1’s Behind the Music, Gwen explains that she made her move after a few months when she said to Tony: “Dude, are you going to kiss me or what?” For the next six years, Gwen and Tony were totally inseperable and in love.

Gwen and Tony’s love issues
When Eric Stefani heard about his sister’s crush, he wasn’t thrilled. He was worried that if they broke up, the band would, too.

Meanwhile, Gwen and Tony spent every waking moment together. They played in the band, they dated and even worked together at the Broadway Department Store in their hometown of Anaheim, CA. Soon, Tony started to feel a bit overwhelmed by it all. Shortly after Gwen’s bro Eric quit the band, Tony broke up with her. In one blow, Gwen lost the support of the two most important guys in her life. She was heartbroken – and angry! So how did she deal? She poured all of her emotions into the songs for No Doubt’s second CD, called Tragic Kingdom.

Gwen’s painful lyrics
In the song “Happy Now,” she sings: “You’re by yourself/You have no one else/Are you happy now?” Gwen’s song “Don’t Speak” is her most famous yet: “I really feel/I’m losing my best friend/I can’t believe/This could be the end,” she sings about Tony.

Their friendship
Fortunately for fans, the end of Gwen and Tony’s relationship did not mean the end of No Doubt. The two are friends now; they share a passion for music that never fades.

Gwen’s true love
When Gwen met Bush lead singer Gavin in ’96, she had no more doubts about love. “It was like being back in high school all over again,” a happy Gwen giggles. Early this year, Gavin proposed and Gwen said yes!

So, if you’ve ever had your heart broken, just remember that true love can be right around the corner!