No Doubt have hinted they will split up following the release of their fourth album, ‘Return Of Saturn’. After a press conference to launch the album at the London Park Lane Hotel last week, drummer Adrian Young told NME: “As I sit here right now –though things could change- this is my last record. We all went into this record thinking, ‘This could be our last. Let’s try to make it as good as we can. ’”

Guitarist Tom Dumont said: “None of us have made any plans for what’s gonna happen after this. We’ll tour all this year –after that it’s totally a blank canvas.”

Bassist Tony Kanal agreed. He said: “We’v been going in this band for 13 years now, it’s really hard to say how long we’ll keep going on for. Things change, priorities change in everyone’s lives. Adrian just got married, you get to the age of 30 and you start thinking about families and stuff like that.”

Singer Gwen Stefani said: “None of us up to this point have had any children or been married. Adrian just did it, and it’s a big deal, it’s like suddenly you have another half. But I think we’re all looking forward, there’s so much we haven’t done yet as far as all that part.” ‘Return Of Saturn’ is the follow-up to the 15 million-selling ‘Tragic Kingdom’, and is released through Polydor on April 10. It is preceded by a new single, ‘Ex-Girlfriend’, on March 13.