No Doubt on the Uprise in the Local Music Scene — by Tony Kanal

One of the hottest unsigned local bands on the uprise is Orange County’s No Doubt. The band which has been around for close to a year now, has made quite a name for itself in the local music scene.

The band consists of nine members: Chris Webb on drums, Eric Stefani on keyboards, Tony Meade on saxophone, Paul Casley on trombone, John Spence and Gwen Stefani on vocals, Alan Meade on trumpet, Jerry McMahon on guitar, and Tony Kanal on bass.

No Doubt has played at many nightclubs in the L.A. area. These include the Whiskey and the Roxy theaters in Hollywood, and Madam Wong’s West. The band has also performed at Fender’s in Long Beach four times. These shows included “Scooter Aid” with the Untouchables, two Mod Expos featuring a number of mod, ska, and soul bands, and a show headlined by L.A.’s Fishbone. Other performances include parties in Anaheim, Orange, and Sunny Hills.

Eric Stefani, keyboard player and major songwriter of the band, describes No Doubt’s music: “Our set flows from various types of music, mainly ska and reggae, but we also incorporate jazzy funk sounds in our set. We try to get as much of an animated sound out of our music as we possibly can.” No Doubt also puts on a very animated stage show, featuring jumps, backflips, stage dives, and other insanity the band can unleash on the audience.

The band recently spent some time in the studio putting together a three song demo tape. Currently, the band has about fourteen original songs which they play in concert.

Future shows for the band include a Halloween party, some local nightclubs, and a performance at a local high school. For more information on the band contact Eric at 772-2247.

This article was originally written by Tony Kanal for the Loara High School school paper back in the Fall of 1988. Thank you to Twitter user @coronagirl72 for sharing the article for us to transcribe.