Translated by Beacon Street Online from the French publication.

The guitarist of No Doubt gave us rendezvous in a small hotel very cozy and class 16th arrondissement. The interview and unwound in the sella bar, very racaco that also resembles more a tea room than anything else. When we attablons with our host, a jazz pianist “talker” re shelled the theme harmonizes “We Are The World”. Tom we first branch on french origins of his father, and his particular attachment to our country. The man is simple, friendly, and really passionate. Of the cafes and cookies arrive, we chat modeling, sound profiling, production tricks… but time is running at full speed, and load schedule very Tom obliges us to refocus the conversation to the basics: the return of No Doubt, and the output of Push and Shove, the sixth album by the group which decanted, and not a little. Go!

Tom, it is not too hard to put in motion a big machine like No Doubt after such a long break?

Not because the break has not been so long that. The previous album was released in 2001, we tour in 2002. The following year, there was the greatest hits, the output was crowned by our performance at the Super Bowl. Then we did a little tour in the USA. This brings us to 2004. The Gwen released her first solo album. We have not done anything together until 2007. In 2008, we find yourself trying to compose new songs, but it did not work. Gwen was pregnant, and overall, we were not inspired. We have regained confidence in us on the road during our big tour of 2009 in North America annually. It was very encouraging to see that the fans we had not loose and anxiously awaiting our return. A part of the inspiration came back, and we set to work to design, Push and Shove.

You alluded to pregnancy Gwen, but you are all become parents, right?

Entirely, and it is a parameter that has everything messy. Previously, no matter what happened in our lives, the group was always in the foreground. We sacrificed everything for the band. As soon as we became parents, the band has not been as important, especially for Gwen. But Metallica or U2 have lived the same situation. It becomes necessary during the extension schedules for work. Although we are excited day, it is no longer possible to say: “Praise the studio and into the early morning jamming ideas.” We had to find a balance to our lives with private and professional.

What do you professionally during the break?

In the studio, I’m in my element, so naturally, I started to produce other artists, including a very gifted Californian named Matt Costa. We realized duex albums together. His music resembles that of Donovan. I even played bass on tour with him. I also had the opportunity to write for the cinema. Well, then, I also play guitar.