For Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, and Adrian Young, the mega-hip band members of No Doubt, becoming big recording artists has meant more than having fame and fortune. It’s meant making tons of new friends.

Just imagine it! Everywhere they go they meet new people. “Being on the road for [more than] two years, you come across a lot of people,” 28-year-old lead vocalist Gwen declares to BOP’s foreign correspondent. “You make a lot of friends.”

So, since the band mates, famed by hits such as “Happy Now?” and “Don’t Speak” from 1995’s Tragic Kingdom, have a lot of new friends to hang out with, we wondered if they’ve ditched their old friends at home. You know, the little people. The ones who knew them before they became big shots. “Yeah, I try only to hang out with the most famous people in [Los Angeles]. And when I go home to little old Anaheim, I make sure I am as superficial, big-headed and stuck up as I can get!” Gwen states. Boo! we say. “No, I’m just joking,” Gwen clarifies. “We still have the same friends as we had years ago.”

That’s right! Even though No Doubt’s members are mega-famous, they are not about to forget their old friends at home. Bass player Tony, 27, says “We always hang out with our usual crowd. We’ve been on the road for two years now, but whenever we get a one-or-two-week break in between, every now and then, I always go back to the same set of friends I have always hung out with.”

No Doubt they’re missed!

Keeping the friendship bond isn’t always easy. Just ask guitarist Tom. Although this 29-year-old keeps a warm spot in his heart for his old friends, he’s said that it’s been difficult to keep in touch with everyone back home in Southern California. He’s explained that when he’s on the road with Gwen, Tony, and 27-year-old drummer Adrian, they don’t have time to write or even call their buddies as often as they would like to. “I haven’t been able to hang out with my friends much anymore because I’m so busy,” Tom’s complained. “I wonder if they are like, ‘Tom’s too cool for us now.’ They don’t understand that there’s a lot of responsibilities and we’re busy constantly, all day long.” Nah, Tom, we are sure your friends understand. They just miss you, that’s all!

In fact, we know that a few old No Doubt friends are quite happy now. That’s because the band is spending time in Southern California as we speak, working on their follow-up album — which means that the band mates and their old friends can hang out once more. Hooray!

There is only one question we have left. Why, when they could be seen out with the coolest, hippest, trendiest, most popular people in Hollywood, do Gwen, Tony, Adrian, and Tom go back to their old friends? “Those people you have had a relationship with for a long time are the important people in your life,” Tony’s said. “They are the people whom you can trust and who aren’t scared to tell you the truth.” Ah, he may be a big rock star, but no doubt he knows what true friends are for!