Update: DREAMCAR Live in Las Vegas for Life Is Beautiful


Check out the band’s full performance at the Life Is Beautiful festival live from Las Vegas courtesy of Yahoo and AFI Videos. Unfortunately the audio has an echo throughout which came across on the live stream but it’s still enjoyable.

Life is Beautiful Festival
9/22/2017 — Las Vegas, Nevada — Downtown Las Vegas
After I Confessed / The Assailant / Born to Lie / All of the Dead Girls / Every Lonely / On the Charts / Suffragette City (cover) / Slip on the Moon / The Preferred / Do Nothing / Show Me Mercy / Kill For Candy


It’s been announced that Yahoo will be live streaming tomorrow’s performances in Las Vegas at the Life Is Beautiful festival including DREAMCAR at 4:15PM PST. It will be the band’s first performance since early August and we’re excited for the opportunity to check out another full set courtesy of Yahoo.

Make sure to tune into the stream on Yahoo.com.

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