Update: DREAMCAR Interviews with Yahoo Music and B-Sides TV


The band also chatted with B-Sides TV about their debut album formation in another new interview. Check it out above!


Tony and Davey chatted with Yahoo Music in a new lengthy interview about the origins of DREAMCAR, the bonds that drew them together and the 80’s influences they found themselves attached to along the way. The guys sat down with Yahoo Music prior to hitting the stage in Los Angeles last month at The Roxy.

Tony shared during the interview that with DREAMCAR, it’s been a rare exception for him while writing and recording saying that he used to never listen to music in the car that he’s been presently working on. “I’ll get in the car, and I’ll listen to our record, because I really, really love the way it turned out.” He also says that he’s unsure if Gwen has heard their album yet but says that it would be “totally up her alley.”

Check out the full interview above and we’ll be keeping up with DREAMCAR coverage all week long in anticipation of their debut album’s release on Friday!

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