Tony Featured In New ‘Nom Yourself: The Cookbook’

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It’s been announced this afternoon that a quote from Tony is featured in the new Vegan cookbook, Nom Yourself: The Cookbook. Animal activist, chef and author Mary Mattern shared her photo with Tony and his brother Neil on Instagram with a quote from Tony included in her cookbook praising Mary’s skills in the kitchen.

The book is available now to preorder on

“I firmly believe that leading a vegan life is the best thing we can do for animals, the environment and for our health. Mary’s delicious and satisfying recipes show that eating a plant-based diet is not only easy but incredibly rewarding. Her fortuitous entry into vegan cooking coupled with her DIY punk rock approach to creating new and inspiring dishes cements Mary as one of the pre-eminent chefs of our time. Enjoy!” – @TonyKanal, @NoDoubt. 🍃 Nom Yourself:The Cookbook Pre-orders shipping very soon! I can’t contain my excitement to get them to you guys! #nomyourself #vegan

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