Stephen Bradley Announces Residency at Skybar Starting Nov. 20 (Updated)


Back of House has shared a new feature with Steve including an interview and details on his upcoming Solarium at Skybar residency kicking off with a sneak preview gig tomorrow night at 8:00PM.

In the interview, Steve shares that he first started off drumming and picked up the trumpet full time in junior high school. He kept playing throughout high school and was top of his band class and found it was something that he truly enjoyed.

Steve was invited to play with No Doubt as a fill-in for their trumpet player at the time whom was on his way out. He ended up playing with them for a sold out show in San Francisco and turns out that was his audition for the band. Adrian called him and asked if he would join them on the road for the Warped Tour in the summer of 1995 and has been part of the solid unit ever since. “It was exciting. I was mainly part of the touring cycle but that first tour was a big one because [Tragic Kingdom] was so huge. I ended up leaving and none of my friends knew who the band was, then I come home two years later and I had a beard… it was nuts.”

Steve credits his time with No Doubt as a huge influence on his own music — especially their love and dedication to songwriting. “When you spend that much time doing something or spend that much time with a band that successful, you pick up good habits. The whole experience definitely has changed the way I approach music certainly as far as writing songs. One thing I got from them is that they’re such great songwriters and that’s a very important component when it comes to being an artist. Being an artist is about the creative product that you’re rolling out.”


Photo courtesy of Back of House
Photo courtesy of Back of House

Steve shared the news that he’s beginning a special limited residency at the luxurious Skybar in Los Angeles’ Mondrian hotel. He’ll be performing a sneak preview set this Friday, November 20, and Friday, December 4. According to Back Of House, Steve “will perform on the first and third Fridays each month starting in 2016. Stay tuned for more information.”

Skybar is exclusive to hotel guests and welcomes patrons 21 and older after 1:00PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Solarium at Skybar opens this winter season and will have Steve featured in the coming months.

We’re excited for Steve and his new adventure and hope fans are able to head out to see him!

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  1. I used to work for that company– I am amazed it’s still open! Stephen– go to the W instead. Once Gwen went to their sister hotel, in NYC (or so rumor says) and they put her and Gavin in a room with a fireplace that stunk of smoke. When they asked to move because it was hurting their throats and voices, they didn’t let them.

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