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Gwen stopped by Ellen this afternoon to chat about being on The Voice, her amazing family and brand new single “Spark The Fire”.

All of her boys were backstage and says they wanted to come to the show. She recalls bringing Kingston to the show when he was a baby while promoting “Wind It Up”. Gwen says that her and Gavin are like everyone else with their ups and downs and say shared that they still have fun together.

She comments again how she’s only signed on for The Voice for one season but will keep herself busy with hobbies and projects. Gwen commented in another interview with BuzzFeed that she would like to come back if she was asked.

Ellen surprised Gwen by bringing Pharrell Williams out and previewed the new “Spark The Video” music video which they hadn’t seen yet. Ellen says that the video will be out “next week” (keep in mind that this was taped towards the end of last week). The two discussed “Spark The Fire” saying that the song was inspired by working on The Voice together. Pharrell says that he watched Gwen going through “a lot of stuff” and felt an energy coming from her. “If you know anything about Gwen, Gwen is a rebel”. He felt inspired by her. Gwen says that they haven’t seen each other in awhile and they always seem to end up back in each other’s lives. After sending him a home movie of herself and her family to his song “Happy” (which Kingston is a huge fan of), Pharrell offered to have Gwen come out and perform “Hollaback Girl” with him during the Coachella festival (her first appearance after giving birth to baby Apollo in February).

Pharrell mentioned again that Gwen was going through a time of turmoil and really wanted to get back with her and create new music. He saw a fire in her. “‘I’m going to do this. This is me. This is my life. It’s my time.’ It inspired me.” While on set of The Voice, Pharrell visited Gwen in her trailer (alongside Sophie Muller) and played her “Spark The Fire” and she was instantly hooked. He came to her with the intro and she came up with the chorus during the pair’s first studio session. Gwen flew to Miami to meet with Pharrell to continue work on the track. Pharrell said that they fought hard to record “Spark The Fire” and says, “When you hear Gwen say ‘OMG, OMG, I’m back again’, she really meant that. She really wanted the world to know, ‘This is me. This is Gwen Stefani. I’m back. I’m making a statement. I’m not standing down for anything.” You can tell Gwen felt emotional during the interview and went in for a hug on the couch and called Pharrell “amazing”. “When you hear the things she’s saying on the record, she was saying that against all of the resistance that was coming from the situation.”

Gwen shared a cute video of the two working on “Spark The Fire” in the studio coming up with lyrics to the verses just scatting out noises and words.

Gwen did not perform on the show which some sources were reporting.

Click here to see videos from the appearance courtesy of EllenTube.com.

Photos courtesy of Ellen.

6 Replies to “Highlights: Gwen and Pharrell on Ellen”

  1. After hearing Pharrell speak about the STF writing session, it sounds like Gwen was unhappy with No Doubt album progress/solo album or single progress/ or maybe having a tough time post pregnancy. I think we can all agree she wasn’t happy with BDL (nor were we) and I think it’s AWESOME she has such a good friend in Pharrell to channel her emotion into work that she is obviously very proud and excited about. What I disliked about BDL was it seemed ingenuine… It didnt seem like Gwen was fully in it. As a fan, I’m happy she’s back to producing work that has her whole heart, and as a fellow human, I’m happy she’s able to work through whatever she was going through! Exciting times ahead!!!

  2. Was hoping they would have announced a release date but a least we know it will be out by next monday! Gwen and pharrell are so cute together! It would be amazing if they did a joint tour together next year.

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