Harajuku Lovers fragrance being featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Thanks to Lovely Little Lamb, for this year’s annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, there will be a Tokyo Style (Coty US, LLC) float featured, which will more than likely have our Harajuku Girls! How exciting! More details coming soon, what an honor!

The characters are being featured on the parade’s site right now.


HARAJUKU LOVERS COTY Neon Lights, over the top signs and Harajuku girls are on full blast on the new Harajuku Lovers float. Inspired by the Harajuku area of downtown Tokyo, the float consists of multi-level, clear, plexi-glass platforms that show the lights of Tokyo to full effect. Featured on board will be balloonhead alter egos of Love, Lil Angel, Music, Baby and G – the Harajuku Girls! Also taking the trip through Manhattan will be the real Love, Angel, Music and Baby who will dance close to their balloon counterparts on Thanksgiving.


The parade is on Thanksgiving morning, November 27 at 9AM EST on NBC.