DREAMCAR’s Self-Titled Debut Album Releasing May 12

Photo courtesy of KROQ/DREAMCAR

It’s been announced that DREAMCAR is slated to release their self-titled debut album on May 12 under Columbia Records. The band shared during their in-studio interview this morning with KROQ’s Kevin & Bean that they had written and demoed nearly 30 songs with only 12 making the final cut.

With the band hitting the road for a short Spring tour in April, DREAMCAR will perform songs from their upcoming album ahead of it’s release. Lucky fans that were able to grab tickets this morning from the online sale will be able to hear offerings first from the album before anyone else.

When asked how the band came up with their direction and sound, Adrian responded that it was “totally organic” and that there was never a discussion on what “kind of band” they would be. “Basically, we were an experimental group… We didn’t know it was going to be DREAMCAR or even a band in the beginning.” They also made it quite clear in their KROQ interview that there were no conversations between the group about straying away from their distinct sounds with No Doubt and AFI.

“This process unfolded so organically when we started writing songs with Davey that there were kind of no rules and no discussions about what we wanted to do, we just started making music,” Tom shared.

“I think the musical common ground that we share with Davey is very much rooted in that early ’80s, new wave, new romantic era that was such a part of us all growing up so it felt like very quickly we had a chemistry. It was just four guys being creative and not knowing where it was going to lead us but we kept doing it because it was fun. I think once we got to a point where we had about 20 songs, we were like ‘Oh, this is an album and this is a band.’ It became an actual thing and we were like ‘What’s next?’”

Tom, Tony, Adrian and Davey have been working secretly on the experimental project for nearly three years and just had the intention of having fun in the studio together with no expectations. Tom expressed how different of an experience it was with no pressures from record companies and managers and being able to make music for themselves. He shared that once the band had a solid 20 tracks, they then decided they had a complete album and began shopping it around to different labels (which came about very quickly).

Details are still scarce on the album itself and make sure to stay tuned to the site for more. In the mean time, make sure to purchase and stream DREAMCAR’s incredible debut single “Kill For Candy” to help support the band.

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