DREAMCAR Tour Coverage: Opening Night in Santa Ana (Updated)

Photo courtesy of Ashley Osborn/DREAMCAR

It’s here! DREAMCAR kicked off their mini-spring club tour last night in Santa Ana for a sold-out show at The Observatory and treated fans to over an hour of new music including all songs from their debut album and two covers from David Bowie and INXS. Fans in the OC area were lucky enough to hear the band perform new songs for the very first time and we’re thankful to everyone for capturing and sharing footage from the show!

We’re pleasantly surprised that DREAMCAR is performing their entire album on the tour alongside two notable covers, David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” (which Adrian mentioned that he would like to take on during the band’s KROQ interview last month) and INXS’s “Don’t Change”, which fans may remember as an alternate song that No Doubt was considering recording for The Singles compilation at some point.

Photo courtesy of Matt Masin/Orange County Register/SCNG
Photo courtesy of Matt Masin/Orange County Register/SCNG
Photo courtesy of Matt Masin/Orange County Register/SCNG
Photo courtesy of Matt Masin/Orange County Register/SCNG
Photo courtesy of Matt Masin/Orange County Register/SCNG

DREAMCAR featured female backup singers with keyboards and saxophones prominently present on tracks like “The Preferred”. In a new positive review from the OC Register, the writer points out that most fans at the show were engaged and listening closely to the band rather than trying to capture the moment on camera. The chemistry between the guys was evident and they seemed to be really enjoying themselves together onstage.

Overall the sound was tight and the chemistry was evident, the band members playing well off of one another and actually looking like they were having a good time. Havok was 100 percent in his element, maintaining a commanding stage presence while flawlessly tackling a variety vocal styles, each far different from anything he’s already known for.

Kanal, who perhaps was sporting the biggest grin of them all, was a beast on his bass and Dumont was seriously showcasing some skill, playing everything from pop, rock and blues on his guitar, truly shining during some quick stand-alone moments on individual tracks. Young started out the night fully clothed, but as any fan of No Doubt knows, he’ll eventually strip down as the room heats up. At least on this night he kept his pants on, but man were his drums loud. He’s a mighty force behind that kit.

To make things even better, many lucky fans had the opportunity to meet the band outside after the show whom came out afterwards.

The band sounded incredible and we’re blown away by the music that truly sounds unique and reminiscent of some of the best stuff to come out of the ’80s. We’re hoping all fans have a chance to get out and see and support DREAMCAR and we’re wishing the band the best of luck and success in the future!


4/5/2017 — Santa Ana, California — Constellation Room (The Observatory)
After I Confessed / The Assailant / Born to Lie / Slip on the Moon / The Preferred / Moonage Daydream (Cover) / On the Charts / Do Nothing / Ever Lonely / Don’t Let Me Love / All the Dead Girls // Don’t Change (Cover) / Show Me Mercy / Kill For Candy

Videos (in setlist order):

“After I Confessed”

“The Assailant”

“Born to Lie”

“Slip on the Moon”

“The Preferred”

“Moonage Daydream” (David Bowie cover)

“On the Charts”

“Do Nothing”

“Ever Lonely”

“Don’t Let Me Love”

“All the Dead Girls”


“Don’t Change” (INXS cover)

“Show Me Mercy”

“Kill For Candy”

After first impressions, which song from DREAMCAR are you digging the most? We’ve excluded the covers and included only the album tracks that are listed in tracklisting chronological order. Thanks for voting!

Check out a sneak peek at the merch table featuring several tees being sold on the tour.

10 Replies to “DREAMCAR Tour Coverage: Opening Night in Santa Ana (Updated)”

    1. I think it’s tough to gauge this show’s energy when the 99% of the audience hasn’t heard any of those songs yet (besides Kill for Candy).

      I think the band gave the right amount of energy considering the tempo/style of the songs and the fact that the audience is not familiar with any of those songs, yet.

      Hopefully that will change as the tour progresses…

  1. Wow that concert was… awkward to say the least. I don’t know… weird vibes and strange chemistry between the guys. I guess they are still figuring out how they actually fit together. Maybe this tour and album come a little too soon for them.

    I agree with Hustla that it is almost impossible to judge the songs from those videos.

  2. I don’t know if I would say low energy. Davey just seems like a bit of an standoffish personality. Is he like this at AFI shows?

  3. I really want to support them and I want to like this very much but I just can’t. I don’t have the same love of Duran Duran and The Cure et al that these guys do. In fact I dislike this sound. The songs sound better live but I won’t be buying the album. I hope they have a lot of fun and success.

  4. I was there. I met davey and the no doubt guys. We all took pics. I was happy for their performance! Sounded great!!! They killed it!

  5. So excited to see them, I think they sound great!! Can’t wait to see them at a smaller venue, so pumped! 🙂

  6. WHOA. SO many great reviews from OC and Now San Francisco! Can you post more? Everyone saying it is an amazing show!

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