DREAMCAR Share BTS Look at the “Kill For Candy” Music Video

In a new behind-the-scenes video, DREAMCAR give fans an intimate look the filming of “Kill For Candy” music video in Los Angeles. Director Frank Borin shares that the concept for the video is told through the band and shows fans an intimate day-in-the-life look at their lives as DREAMCAR.

The band had to wear these huge helmets that were each equipped with a HD camera to get the point-of-view shots. Tony shares that the director came up with the premise of the POV concept and having the band interact with others around them. Frank Borin says that DREAMCAR was on-board with the idea and loved the idea of showing fans this unique look at the band. He jokes around saying that half way through the day, the band was showing struggles of wearing the camera on their head all day long due to it’s weight. It’s cool seeing the guys walk around and filming each other which is something we haven’t really seen before.

Tom pointed out the personal significance of the Crossroads Kitchen location saying, “It’s kind of the first place we initially met to talk about the project. It was the catalyst to songwriting, which turned into making demos, which turned into making a record that led us to this. It feels like it’s kind of full circle.”

The “Kill For Candy” music video came out pretty spectacular and it’s interesting seeing the concept come together!

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