DREAMCAR Joining KROQ In-Studio Mar. 2; Album Releasing in May (Updated)

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Check out the video of the band visiting KROQ’s Kevin & Bean in-studio that was shared on Facebook Live during the interview. The interview started off a little awkwardly when new single “Kill For Candy” was introduced as the newest song from AFI, not DREAMCAR. The band laughed it off and they shared that the single was mislabeled on purpose for secrecy throughout the radio station.

Tony opened up about the origins of the band that go all the way back to 2014. Tom, Adrian and himself knew that they wanted to continue working on new music while No Doubt was on hiatus. They joked around about inviting Davey out on a date to ask him if he would be interested in joining their project. After hearing four demos that the guys had been working on, including “Kill For Candy”, he says that the tracks were very “inspirational” and he knew that he wanted to be apart of it.

The band spent the first year-and-a-half writing in secrecy since they had no idea where they wanted to go with it. They chose not to tell anyone outside of their significant others what they were working on. “It kind of created this beautiful, pure place to write music where there were no pressures, no record companies, no mangers, nobody even to worry about bouncing stuff off of. We were just being creative and having a great time and expressing ourselves. I think that was a great place to start from,” says Tony.

Adrian shared that the music came from a very organic and honest place and they didn’t have intentions in the beginning to start a new band. “…we just kept creating, writing and demoing and this is what you have. You have something that’s not filtered too much and it’s pretty honest.”

Davey confirms that 12 songs made their debut album, due May 12, and that they recently “completed a few more”. He shares that DREAMCAR wrote close to 30 tracks together and Adrian said that it was a bit challenging for the band to pick the final songs to make the cut.

New single “Kill For Candy” is very representative of the band and their upcoming album. Davey says that the album has many different movements and moments throughout.

Tony shares that the DREAMCAR is signed by Columbia Records with Mark Williams whom he calls a “great creative partner.”

When it came to naming the band, Davey said that they were mulling around a name for a couple of years, which they gave up on due to another band owning it. Davey came up with the name “DREAMCAR” but Tony admits that the band sat on it for quite some time. The name stuck and Davey says that the name evokes images of sentiment and speaks to many things including american-a, classic and futuristic. “It has a dreamlike quality, there’s dreaminess to it, there’s a softness, something esoteric and mystical about it and all those sentiments can be drawn from what we do once you hear what we do.”

The band announced their small club tour next month to warm up before the album’s release with tickets going on-sale during the interview. DREAMCAR will be playing a portion of their new album and asked around the room for possible cover suggestions. The band looked extremely excited about going back out on the road and love talking about playing shows. Tony shares that the band is talking about touring the east coast in May.

Thanks to lamb83 for capturing and sharing the interview on YouTube!

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