Catch Up on DREAMCAR Interviews (Updated)

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Photo courtesy of Chris Skiles/iHeartRadio

DREAMCAR has been in full promo mode since the release of their debut album and various outlets have been hyping up the band with positive buzz and new interviews. We wanted to compile a nice post of where to catch up including a couple of Facebook Live features the band took part in this afternoon in Canada before their show in Toronto tomorrow night.

Check out the interviews below and make sure to head out to the shows and support DREAMCAR if they visit near you. Later in the month, Davey will be heading back out on the road with AFI to support their latest album so we’re crossing our fingers for more shows from DREAMCAR later in the fall.

It’s also exciting to hear that the guys are already talking about getting back into the studio and writing more new music for possibly another album in the future.

Special thanks to lamb83 for capturing most of the interviews for everyone to check out.

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9 Replies to “Catch Up on DREAMCAR Interviews (Updated)”

  1. Thanks for putting these all together in one place. It’s hard to keep up with all the interviews, but when I have time, I do like to watch them.

  2. Damn, there’s interviews get kind of awkward when they ask things like , “did you guys tell Gwen, what did she say?” And everyone just kind of looks at Tom. And when they ask what former or other band mates have said about DreamCar or have come to see them live and only Davey goes on about how supportive AFI, Blaq Audio have been ! I wonder if Davey oddly feels in the middle of whatever their current situations is w Gwen ? Best of luck to all of them

  3. But they did tell her. Tom and I think Tony confirmed that they told her a year before it was announced. I have to find it on Instagram or Twitter but Tom said they told her. She either forgot or was not being true on Jimmy Kimmel. Also I wonder if she told them she was going Solo again after they all (including her) said they were in the studio. I wish they would tell us what happened!

  4. Eh. I don’t think she lied. It sounds like the boys had their “date” w Davey and wrote their music all on their own, because the common theme in interviews was how secretive they had to be about the process… So even if they told her it was a fait accompli and she had no input, not sure that makes it any better. If they had her blessing or shared their music w her Tony wouldn’t be wondering aloud if she’s even heard their full album. I also think they would have been more forthcoming about her reaction to the band forming when they are asked about it for the nth time rather than this awkwardness and vague confirmations that they spoke w her on twitter (while under duress by her fans). Not that it’s wrong for the boys to make new music — they prob felt ditched when she went on the voice (likely also a unilateral decision), or felt stuck when she didn’t want to do another album and they didn’t have another outlet for their music — but the way they approached this project could have been better. Probably all they needed to do was let her know and I doubt she would have objected given everything else she’s got going on… I feel they could have easily had her support if they reached out, and she would be willing to help promote them more, or go to their show if invited… I hope the rift heals at some point? Who knows?

    1. And they didn’t even acknowledge her new album, singles, or even went to her tour. At least Gwen has shared their project a few times on her social pages. It was kind of obvious there was some bad blood between them when they played those festivals in 2015. Gwen wouldn’t show up for soundcheck and barely interacted with them on stage. Plus her schedule was also pretty tight back then.
      At least it looks like things are better now. Tom, Adrian and Nina have thanked Gwen on Instagram. I’m not sure if the real “fight” was actually between Gwen and Tony. Remember when they fought over Stand & Deliver in 2009? Anyway “Passes things get more comfortable / Everything is going right” 😛 *plays Cool*

        1. When they recorded a cover of Adam and the Ants’ “Stand and Deliver” for a forthcoming episode of Gossip Girl, Gwen and Tony wound up having “a heated conversation” over how the song should sound. “But some fights aren’t really what they seem,” she says. “I think it was a little about the song, and a little about our coming back together. There was this air bubble that needed to pop, you know?”

  5. ^ They probably were only poking some fun at those song choices. There’s no way they’d cover “Stairway to Heaven” too. xD

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