No Doubt Set To Headline Global Citizen Festival (Updated)


Adrian shared the news on Instagram this morning and also revealed that their appearance at the Global Citizen Festival is No Doubt’s “only show” for 2014. In April, Adrian talked about the band getting together for possible shows towards the end of the year, so we’ll have to see!


It’s been announced this morning that No Doubt are set to headline the annual Global Citizen Festival on Saturday, September 27, live from the Great Lawn in New York, New York’s Central Park! Their name has been released on the foundation’s website alongside headliners Jay Z, Carrie Underwood, Fun., The Roots and Tiesto.

Fans have to earn their way into the free event with limited VIP tickets available also on, starting this morning (Wednesday, July 9) at 9:00 AM. is reporting that an hour-long special for the concert will air on NBC and the festival will air live on MSNBC and

Tony spoke with Rolling Stone about the event saying how excited the band is to be playing for the first time in almost two years. He says it’s a great way for No Doubt to get back on stage and how big of an honor it was to be asked to perform. Tony says its a great opportunity to not only raise money for a great cause, but to raise awareness. According to it’s website, “Global Citizen is an initiative of Global Poverty Project, an international education and advocacy organization working to catalyze the movement to end extreme poverty by 2030.”

Click here for more FAQs on the festival and how to get involved.

We’re so excited and thrilled about the news of No Doubt hitting the stage together again and we’ll keep everyone posted on the latest!

Rolling Stone — …the Global Poverty Project, taking place this year on September 27th on the Great Lawn in New York’s Central Park…

But Jay is just one of the megawatt music names slated to perform at this year’s festival, which includes country superstar Carrie Underwood, alt-pop hitmakers fun., hip-hop’s greatest band the Roots, dance music veteran Tiësto and No Doubt, who will be making their first live appearance as a band following an extended hiatus from performing. “Global Citizen will be the first show No Doubt has played together in two years,” bassist/co-founder Tony Kanal tells Rolling Stone. “It’s a great way to get us back on stage. It was such an honor to be asked to play this particular concert. It’s unacceptable that over 1 billion people live in extreme poverty, and it’s got a pretty eclectic lineup, which reflects the event’s true spirit of diversity.”

“I love how this year’s lineup brings together the king of hip-hop and the king of EDM,” notes Global Poverty Project co-founder Hugh Evans. “Jay Z and his Shawn Carter Foundation have been with us on the whole journey, and No Doubt were so excited to do it from day one…”

This year’s festival, meanwhile, will add media partners NBC and MSNBC, who will promote the event on flagships like The Today Show and broadcast it to an enormous audience worldwide. “By now, I think we’ve proved we’re not a fluke,” Evans says. “We’ve grown every year. It doesn’t get any easier, but the event does get bigger and bigger.”

The Global Citizen Festival doesn’t just aspire to engage world leaders, but also concertgoers. A key tradition of the event is its unique ticketing system: over 80 percent of the tickets are distributed free, earned by performing activist actions on the Global Citizen online platform. This aspect especially appealed to the members of No Doubt. “To get a ticket, you have to get involved in the cause – that’s amazing,” says Kanal. “Eliminating that barrier of entry is in the spirit of equality that’s at the heart of the whole event. What makes this particular concert special is that it’s not just about raising money, but awareness. That’s a different way of doing this kind of show: awareness is a different form of currency, and with this you can see it rise exponentially.”

For No Doubt’s Kanal, meanwhile, the group’s participation with the Global Citizen Festival recalls the anti-racist foundation of the ska movement, with groups like the Specials releasing protest anthems like “Free Nelson Mandela.” “The Specials made people aware of apartheid, and also made an incredible piece of music,” Kanal says. “Bands like that lead by example, and in that spirit we’re playing Global Citizen. Not only do you get to have a good time playing and hearing music, but together we’re raising awareness of the plight of humanity. We’ve never been a political band, but we’re concerned about human-rights issues, and this was a win-win on all fronts. We just couldn’t say no.”

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  1. I am beyond excited about this. I really thought the band has secretly split up since Gwen is focusing on her solo stuff and no one really communicated what really happened.

  2. I’m so excited. It’s so good to see them together performing again. This proves that things are going well for them. I hope they play more concerts like Adrian said before. You never know, maybe Gwen will be in a couple of collaborations, get that hit and then focus on No Doubt again? I hope that’s the plan! 🙂

  3. Or only Gwen collaborations like they said she’s doing with Maroon 5, Rita ora, The New Royales, etc. No Doubt record like Adrian said they’re dropping by the end of the year. We don’t know, this new management is getting us by surprise. Very exciting. Plus and offtopic: I wonder how much they paid for ND to play at this concert, if they really were into a break.

    1. I’m not sure how these things work but I thought it was a benefit concert. They probably only get their flights and hotel paid and that’s it.

    2. I think there might be some merit behind the “quarter 4” release — whether it’s a re-release of L.A.M.B., new material or the unreleased/b-sides album from No Doubt that was mentioned with Adrian’s interview. I’m excited for whatever it is!

  4. awesome news!
    jay z followed by ND. that should be interesting.

    i call the setlist now:
    hella good
    hey baby
    it’s my life
    don’t speak

    perhaps they will throw a spanner in the works for the encore and play sunday morning or underneath it all.

    1. Yeah, that’s become the pretty standard set lately. I would love to see them as well incorporate more of Push and Shove, possibly adding “Easy”, “Heaven” or another upbeat song from the album. I can see them skipping “Looking Hot” and “Settle Down” (which they did for KROQ) but we’ll see. I’m excited though!

  5. I hope they play at least a couple of songs off P&S album. I mean it’s a chance of promoting that album. And It’s My Life needs to be dropped once and for all. It’s a f***ing cover. lol

    1. Really? Lol I still listen to it at least once every week. Looking Hot, P&S, Easy, Undercover and Undone have become top favourites.

  6. This made me so happy because it does just show the band aren’t done with,
    I bet there’s some great things planned for them all and everything will work out..
    Gwen’s fashion collabs will all do fab and her show at NY,
    Her collabs will go down a storm and raise a load of attention..
    then this will all make way for maybe a new ND album and then their own tour…
    I will still be very happy with ND or Gwen solo…

    1. Totally! The promo and hype will be HUGE in September — this festival, The Voice, Maroon 5 collaboration and NYFW! We have a lot to look forward to in the next coming months. VERY exciting!

  7. The best thing about this gig is that it finally ends all this useless “bad things behind the scenes” and “Gwen dismissed the guys” talk. They get along well obviously.

  8. I mean I forgot about the album being performed, I still listen to Push And Shove almost everyday. Undercover and Undone are my favourite too!

  9. What interview from Adrian are you guys talking about? Is it recent? Or is it from a year ago? We can’t depend on anything that’s been said too long ago, as I’m sure they only recently found out Little Miss Let Down is going solo again.

  10. Who is going? I just bought a ticket. And by the way read this from Forbes, “Jay Z and his fellow performers will play for free. That’s no small donation, given the gaudy average grosses on the road for Tiësto ($209,900), fun. ($139,326) Carrie Underwood ($481,967) and The Roots ($111,681).”

  11. Can we all just thank Adrian for being clear that this is the only show. Finally some straight facts from the band.
    Good or bad news, this should be applauded. No more head scratching on that front

  12. Maybe a new album is coming next year for No Doubt, it’s 20 years of Tragic Kingdom! Don’t you think?

  13. I’m thinking about changing my flight for this, but I’m confused, can you help me?
    The only way to have ticket is to buy them (for +600$) or to win them with the online contest?

    1. Sorry for getting back to you so late! Yes! The only tickets you can purchase are up on or you have to win your way in — which I’ve heard is pretty easy but it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get in. I hope that helps and you’re able to go!

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