Video: Tom And Adrian Interview Backstage At Bridge School Benefit

Thanks so much to Rosie for pointing out, but the Bridge School Benefit’s official YouTube channel is uploading some interviews done with artists who performed last October. In one of the first installments, Tom and Adrian were interviewed about their favorite cartoon characters growing up. Tom mentioned how much he loves Buggs Bunny, whom he watches with his kids all the time. He prefers for them to watch the older stuff rather than the cartoons nowadays. Adrian said that he loved Fat Albert growing up, and even impressed us with a spot-on impersonation. Tom’s favorite food is burritos, and he says that he could eat them everyday. Adrian (as expected) is a huge mexican food connoisseur, he explains that he ate Taco Bell pretty much every day growing up. These videos are super inspiring, and one featuring Gwen and Tony is said to be uploaded soon.

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