Tweet: Gabe and Steve Join Steel Pulse and Adrian In The Studio

Adrian Tweeted a photo from a studio session with Steel Pulse this afternoon while working on a new song — with Steve and Gabe! We wish them all the best of luck recording and cannot wait to hear what comes out of the collaboration!

Steve confirmed on Instagram that this new music is for Steel Pulse’s new record.

7 Replies to “Tweet: Gabe and Steve Join Steel Pulse and Adrian In The Studio”

    1. I’m not sure! I saw it online a couple of days ago and tried looking for a source but couldn’t track it down. It’s adorable!

  1. Adrian is always doing work with other bands but doesn’t seen to cop the crap that Gwen does when she strays from ND. What’s the difference ????

  2. Well, Adrian doesn’t write the songs or sing them – which is basically the heart and soul of a band so there’s that… LOL 😉

    Forgive me, but does Steely Pulse have any songs that I might be familiar with? I’ve heard of them, but I’m not sure if I know their music…

    1. They are one of my all-time favorite reggae bands. I would recommend checking out:

      – “Your House”
      – “Roller Skates”
      – “Worth His Weight In Gold”
      – “Steppin’ Out”

      Seriously though, everything they’ve released rocks so hard. I love Steel Pulse. This news probably made my year!

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