Tom, Tony and Adrian Form New Band with AFI Lead Singer Davey Havoc (Updated)


Both Tom and Tony have taken the time to reiterate to fans that this is an entirely new project and is not No Doubt. To clarify, the band is NOT breaking up and has no intentions of “replacing” Gwen with Davey Havok. “To be clear, this is not No Doubt. ND is Gwen, Tom, Adrian and myself. This is a new project that we are very excited to share with you soon,” said Tony in a recent Instagram post. Tom also responded to a few fans on Twitter reassuring them that No Doubt is not over and are simply on another extended hiatus and/or “break”.

As of February 22, Tom shared that the band just started recently recording and has no release date yet.

Tom also shot down misleading reports that Gwen had only just recently found out about the project.

We’re incredibly excited for our boys and looking forward to more information and music from their upcoming project!

What @tonykanal said. 👍🏽😀

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Reports are surfacing that Tom, Tony and Adrian have paired up with AFI lead singer Davey Havok to form a new unnamed band together and are currently “shopping around” a completed album worth of material. Fans had been curious if the boys were working on something of their own outside of No Doubt when hints were dropped by both Tom and Adrian that they were in the studio together. Media outlets are reporting that the new band is set to release an “alternative” record.

Sources have confirmed to Billboard that their new group is managed by Pat Magnarella (whom also represents Green Day) and have a full album completed and is being pushed to labels for release.

In a recent interview with The Dangerous Darrin Show, Adrian shared that No Doubt had no immediate plans to write, record or tour and was eluding to a “new band” project that he was involved with.

This is a huge and interesting move and we’re hoping more official information is shared with us soon!

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  1. GOOD FOR THEM!!!! They are top selling musicians who sold and wrote some of those millions of albums as well. Let alone Tony’s work with Pink and Gwen. They need a platform and I support it 1000%. Cant wait and will be buying it first chance I am given.

  2. Wow, I’m really excited by this! Can’t blame them at all… With all the other announcements today this seems like perfect timing really!!

  3. wow! This sounds great! I´m very very happy for the guys 😀 , finally they do something more productive than wait for Gwen all the eternity… they should have done that long ago, but at the same time I feel sad for No Doubt, this will be officially the end of the band? 🙁

  4. The boys want to rock!! It’s sad that the boys and Gwen have drifted in different directions, but I don’t think ND will ever be “over.” The boys are so talented and I can’t wait to see what they come out with! I’ve heard of AFI, but I’m not familiar with their music or Davey Havok, but he seems to have a good voice and lives the same lifestyle as the guys.

    1. AFI is what I called a pretty boys punk band (LOL), like Good Charlotte, they dont suck, but are not OMG awesome, but I think the 4 of them will produce interesting music. I was almost sure they would hook up with the dude that left Blink-182, but this dude is alright 🙂

      1. Ugh…I hate Good Charlotte LOL Does AFI have any hit songs? Because the ones I’ve checked out so far haven’t rang a bell.

        1. I’m a fan of AFI’s earlier stuff. I was into them around 2003-2006 and their album Sing the Sorrow is really good. Their biggest song I think was “Girls Not Gray” and “The Leaving Song Part 2”. Their album Decemberunderground is pretty good too and “Miss Murder” was a popular song, too. AFI is great live and Davey has a magnetic personality and awesome stage presence.

          I definitely wouldn’t compare them to Good Charlotte though. AFI’s most recent stuff is more “commercial” and less hardcore than their earlier albums but I wouldn’t call them pop-punk.

          Two of the members of AFI (including Davey) formed another electronic group Blaqk Audio which I enjoyed, too.

          1. None of those sound familiar… I guess they haven’t had crossover success to pop radio? Their look reminds me of Orgy…I’m not into the whole “glam rock” makeup thing so I hope that doesn’t happen with this new side project LOL

        2. LOL !!! We are on the same team, hate GC too. The two songs that did “well” on the charts are Love Like Winter and Miss Murder.

  5. Good for them! It’s awesome that they are finally doing a substantial side project of their own. I hope this can be a successful venture for them. Give them something else to be proud of. And in the fanfic of my mind, Gwen will get jealous and want to come make new ND. 🙂

  6. Love this so much!! If they can’t do anything with Gwen – Davey is the next best thing. So excited to hear what they’ve come up with. So bummed if no doubt is really done though :/

  7. Congrats and much love to the boys! They want to make music and it’s not fair to have them locked to Gwen. She’s doing her thing and it’s only fair for them to do theirs. Not sure thats the nail in the so called coffin, there are a lot of bands that never call it quits but dont release new material, but keep the door open for the future. Good for all of them and who knows, maybe a few years from now they will do a reunion tour and release music.

  8. And on a side note… why Interscope not picking their album? They were ND’s label and backed Gwen’s solo venture. Makes me think of something we all discussed long ago, that P&S was the last record on their contract and they dont have any deals with the band anymore.

  9. Excited to so what type of sound they will have! Glad the other members are working on music. But yeah I don’t think No Doubt is over! I hope that never happens.

  10. Bittersweet news but I’m so happy for the guys! I would like to see Gwen and the boys retweeting each other’s news and support. I hope there is no grudge. On the bright side, this means even more new music from our faves 🙂

  11. What is fair is fair, we have wait for this moment for years! This is way more excited than Gwen’s new album seriously.

  12. I’m happy for them. This is very exciting for them too…
    I’m sure they are all happy now getting on with their own projects…
    They’re all adults, getting on with life, I’m sure they’re all still friends, they’ve just gone different ways!
    The last No Doubt album wasn’t a success even though I love it, so why not go onto new ventures!

  13. I wonder what’s the name of their band. Tony is an AMAZING musician (love Tom and Adro too), anything he touches is worth checking out.

  14. Wow this is very exciting but a bit bittersweet too. I really hope it’s not the end of No Doubt as we know it. The five of them together is just magic so I don’t know how it’ll be without Gwen. At the same time I agree completely that they shouldn’t be held back by Gwen’s personal life / writing blocks / whatever else caused them to release so little music relative to how long No Doubt has existed… So good for them and I can’t wait to hear what they sound like!

  15. DAVEY HAVOK?! Are you fucking kidding me? Such a joke. @cynthia you called it right, AFI are a ‘pretty boys punk band’. They’re in the same league as Good Charolette. I remember in high school and what not all the poser hot topic emo kids worshiped him. I think there first album is ok but after Davey started wearing cheesy plastic cloths and make up they’re sound totally changed. This is really disappointing to me because I always expect ND the have cool and credible taste. He’s a crazy vegan/animal rights person too, I’m sure he bonded with tony.

  16. And for someone who isn’t familiar with him and compare his style to Orgy (@amanda g, I totally agree) is already a bad signal for our boys. It’s just got CHEESE written all over it.

    1. The only similarity between Davey Havok and orgy is a bit of make-up, early AFI is hardcore punk, Havok is a still a punk, a vegan and straight edge. There is nothing cheesy about this. The guys all grew up on the Same Cali punk rock scene. It’s a perfect match.

  17. If they wanted a punk singer, I would go for the dude that left Blink (they toured with ND), but Bob has a point, maybe he was friends with Tony before.
    Someone mentioned AFI being somewhat hardcore. Well… Since that’s up my alley, I would never classified them as a “hardcore” band, I can tell they are not, Madball is a hardcore band. To be quite honest, I was hoping that Tony and Moby were going to come up with something, but I guess that didn’t work out.

    1. ‘Shut you mouth and open your eyes’ by AFI is a hardcore punk album in the same vein of Pennywise or H20, there are many styles of hardcore. They don’t all sound like Madball.

  18. Teaming up with Moby would’ve been sooo good! If they were gonna branch out and do something I expected it to be cool. A group of guys in there mid 40’s fronted by a washed out, never became relevant, man in a dress… They’re better than this.

  19. I fully support them. I’ve seen some articles saying they found a new lead singer for No Doubt which is clearly not the case, its just a side project

  20. It’s good they have side projects too. They are all talented musicians. I don’t think this is the end of ND. If it was there would be an official announcement. The only thing I will say about the whole Gwen solo era/ the boys doing there own thing is, Gwen says a channel has opened up for her artistically and I wish that some of that energy was going into creating stuff with No Doubt. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this solo era is big and in a year she still has the touch and does a record with No Doubt. Then the band can ride the wave of the solo era. *sigh* in a perfect world.

  21. Someone asked the guys and Gwen on Twitter if they were done forever or just on a break, and Tom being awesome replied and said, “break”. So I think we’re good! I don’t see new music for a while but I can see them touring in a year and a half, two years. And hopefully we can get at least one more album out of them. We have to remember though, they’re getting pretty old. They’re almost all closer to fifty than forty now. Crazy. Glad they’re not over.

  22. I think the only two reasons ND will ever break up is if they don’t like each other or they don’t want to play together anymore LOL Even with Tony and Tom reiterating that ND are still together, some fans will still think it is all over…ugh. What would help is if they would release what they are calling their new band so the media has a name to put to the project. Glad to hear they have a record label!

  23. I am ECSTATIC!!! can’t wait to listen to the talented men of no doubt ! Good for them !!! And excited for GWEN too ! They are all the best !!!

  24. Open your eyes you guys ND have been on Hiatus for how long now? While Gwen milks the cash cow of her former self! it’s becoming sad at this point where is GWEN STEFANI the rock star? I’m sick of this pop star shit it’s beyond awful and I wouldn’t be listening to it if it wasn’t GWEN but it’s just bad at this point BAD BAD BAD

    1. It is quite jarring to think, since hitting fame in 1995, that they’ve been on hiatus more than they’ve been active. Us ND fans really are a bunch of fools LOL (kidding)

  25. @margot, sorry I just have high expectations from my favorite band. ‘Talent’ is subjective. I’m very familiar with AFI/Davy havok and in MY opinion it’s CHEESE. I’ll eat gwens million dollar cheese all day long. But really? Calling me ‘gross’ for having an opinion on the group I’ve religiously supported for 20+++ years? I guess name calling on here is also subjective for comments to get deleted on here too

    1. I love this site, but it is bizarre how some attacks get deleted/edited and others do not…like the one against you above or towards Electronica in another post.

      1. After a few episodes, I think Jenny and the team are more hands on to check if we behave, which is only fair.
        But some attacks (by the usual suspects) are so unnecessary, u don’t agree, fine, but no need to bash or treat people that way. I have got hit so many times, that after a while, I decided to just ignore, otherwise I would miss having some nice discussions with people like Amanda, YYY, Bob, Jenny and so many other old shoolers 😉

    2. In my defense, I’m not able to monitor this site 24/7 and some (if not most nowadays) comments I’m not able to address right away. I have no prejudice against certain people and am not being “subjective” towards anyone or what you have to say. I shouldn’t have to explain why someone’s comments were removed since it should be obvious that I’m doing my best to keep a positive and fun environment for everyone (including the band and the people that run this site).

      If you have issues with anything ever, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

  26. Haha, at this point we are all old schoolers! I don’t think ND picked up a lot of fans with Push and Shover and Rock Steady was 15 years ago. 15 years ago is old skool. I guess the days of self titled and Beacon Street are original old skool. Fan from TK are old old school. It’s kind of nuts to think about really.

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