Tom, Tony, Adrian and Davey Havok Working on Debut at Henson Recording Studios (Updated)

Tom and Tony shared that the guys are all in the studio in Los Angeles recording songs for their debut album which Tom says “will take awhile” commenting on his Instagram post with, “we’ve just started recording so it will be a couple of months” asking fans to be patient. They all seem really excited to be back at Henson Recording Studios together making music for their still untitled new band which is aiming to tour in 2017. Tom has loosely described their sound as “rock + pop + dance + synths + guitars + new wavey” and they’ve collectively said it will sound like something we’ve never heard from them.

In a recent interview with Adrian, he had confirmed that the band had “thoroughly demoed like 30 songs” and the project had just started off as a possible one-off collaboration between the group.

Our boys seem truly inspired and we’re really excited for more news on the project and when we can finally hear it for ourselves. Wishing them all the best of luck in the studio!

Turn them all to 11!

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In between recording my bass parts I like to go out and meet the locals 📸: @tomdumontnd

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Bass time | 25 June 2016 | 📸: @geofffunk

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Current view

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40 Replies to “Tom, Tony, Adrian and Davey Havok Working on Debut at Henson Recording Studios (Updated)”

  1. Yesssssssssss.

    That description is way off than the harder rock I was expecting but rock pop synth sounds like The Killers to me, which would be cool. I’m super excited to hear their stuff.

  2. Speaking of the guys of ND. Check out this drimmersion covering ND’s entire catalog in under 5 minutes.

  3. “Tom has loosely described their sound as “rock + pop + dance + synths + guitars + new wave”… so it will basically sound just like ND lol.

    I can’t wait for people loosing their shit when this ends up soundling just like P&S, but with a different singer.

    So funny how people expect this to be a hard rock album, because of course it was always only Gwen’s fault that ND were so pop-ish and 80s.

      1. When talking about Rock Steady, he used the same kind of description, like, “stadium rock” and “Euro Pop”– as well as New Wave… I can’t seem to find the quote.

    1. That depends what you are referring to. I was told by one of the boys in the band to my face that rock steady sounds like a dance record and nothing like old No Doubt “because Gwen wanted to do a dance record.”…

      I mean Gwen didn’t stab the entire extended No Doubt fam all in the back just to do 3 dance-pop records when she really wanted to do three alt-rock records with No Doubt… Think about it…

      Can’t wait for this new band tho. It is looooong overdue…

  4. Well it makes perfect sense for this to sound like No Doubt music because THE GUYS WRITE ALL THE MUSIC! Gwen has said in the past “I wrote this song” which is not really true about SKOL and one more. She wrote a chord and then Tom and Tony wrote the rest but when she said “I wrote this” she got all the credit. She writes the words (which in ND she was really amazing at). I think all of what is happening in our minds about what happened is just that, what we want to think happened. Maybe she just wanted to have other people write her songs and that way she could get it out fast and easily. Have people send her stuff then she could record it with the top people in the world right now to make sure it is a hit. And maybe the guys of No Doubt wanted it to be more real with out all of the people and bad production like on P&S. Maybe she just needed to cash out fast with guaranteed hits and with No Doubt the music comes before being famous. She said the production of P&S wasn’t right. It wasn’t. It sounded like she wanted a pop record and their music is great because it is all kinds of music but most importantly sounds like a band not keyboards and producers playing the instruments. Those PS songs are really amazing but they let the producer turn them into something they are not. The fans were left with confusion. I bet Tony and Gwen grew apart because she wanted to be competing with Rihanna and he wanted to make music that means more than whats popular now. We will never know the truth unless someone says it. What famous people say in interviews is usually created to make themselves sound better and nicer. If everyone told the truth in interviews we probably would not like anyone famous.

    1. Margot… check your facts! SKOL was written by Gwen including the melody. That was the 1st song she wrote all by herself, music and lyrics. Do you have proof she lied about that one?

  5. I think fans from all sides should calm down and enjoy all this new music. Remember all those years when NOTHING was going on and all we had was broken promises? I’m happy the guys are feeling inspired and I’m happy Gwen is going on tour. Sure, I’d prefer ND to be together, but they’re not and there’s nothing WE can do about that.

  6. Let’s not make this discussion about Gwen. We have hashed over her in relation to this project in other threads. I agree with Yeahyeahyeah. Given Tom’s description, I this band may actually sound like NxD with a male singer. Interesting.

  7. I have a feeling it will sound more like the Rock Steady era except for the dancehall; Don’t let me Down, Platinum Blonde Life, Detective. I’m excited for the music, I just hope the singer does OK.
    Glad the ND men are taking their careers into their own hands even if it’s a tad bittersweet.

    And they should think of a band name already!

      1. Oh oh oh I remember that one! I wish we still got more from La Douche. The void this band left in my heart is tangible…

  8. Maybe I’m too hopeful, but I have noticed that Stephen has been posting a lot of ND throwback vids and pics on IG lately. The latest one said “more to come.” I don’t think he would do that if there were turmoil within the band or they were breaking up – as some fans have suggested.

    1. There will always be turmoil within No Doubt. You can forgive…but forgetting is the only reason I hope to get Alzheimer’s soon. I mean hell there was turmoil when things were going great back in 96, thats what the don’t speak video is about… as you know.

      Put yourself in the boys shoes… if people think they are not at least extremely disappointed and hurt then people must assume they are not human.

  9. Think some of you may have missed or forgotten about the May Billboard interview with Adrian. You could click the link in the article above, or click here (below):

    “Adrian Young Says New Band With Davey Havok Doesn’t Sound Like AFI or No Doubt”

    As for Tom’s loose description of “rock + pop + dance + synths + guitars + new wave” that certainly sounds like an album they could record with Gwen, if not one they already have. So the fact that Adrian says it doesn’t sound like No Doubt just confirms (for me) that only Gwen+Tony+Tom+Adrian will ever sound like ND. That’s the lightning in the bottle right there. Anything less than that magical combo is of course going to sound different, though that doesn’t mean it can’t still be good. Nevertheless, as with all of Gwen’s solo stuff, I’ll be adjusting my expectations accordingly. Somebody here mentioned The Killers. If this new band sounds anything close to that (or shades of Muse[!!!] 🙂 , or even Fall Out Boy would be fine), then count me in big time!

  10. Basically most of modern new wave bands sound very very similar. I won’t be surprised if this new band sounds a lot like ND but a little bit more rock-ish or hardcore. Like someone said something like DLMD, Full Circle, Hella Good or even Undercover. Sounds very interesting to me, that mix of music genres Tom mentioned it’s basically my favorite! Too bad Gwen sold out completely, she was good at singing pop-rock/new wave dance music.

  11. Tony’s wife was shading Gwen and having a twitter war with a Gwen fan and then ended up deleting it. Did anyone see what was said?
    I think words should be watched coz it is highly likely Gwen and the band will reunite in the future so his wife needs to chill and stay out of it.

    1. I don’t know what was said or if this is even true, but I think Erin deserves more respect than being told to chill and stay out of it.

    2. Can I throw further shade at Gwen and say the only reason her solo tour is not going to be cancelled from lack of ticket sales is because Ticketmaster just settled an over 300 million dollar class action lawsuit that gives free tickets to anybody who’s bought tickets with them between 1999 and 2013 and those tickets can only be used for certain shows and Gwens tour is benefiting from that, so much so they won’t cancel it anymore, as was speculated recently. She has made a lot of bad choices in her life. I find it hard to support her at all, I guess Gavin did too…

  12. Would like to see the tweet instead of paraphrasing, which can be misleading and have personal bias.

  13. Sorry Jenny, when I said my above comment, it was directed to Jill. Not BSO. You guys do a great job representing No Doubt and post trust worthy articles. Thank you for everything you guys do.

      1. Oh shit, can a No Doubt fan actually be supportive?!?? This site will always be great and I will always appreciate all the time, effort, blood, sweat and tears excetera put into the site. Unfortunately there’s just not been a lot of No Doubt content to post over the last few *cough cough* years. One love is more than two words.

  14. As for the Erin comment… I doubt she would say anything negative about Gwen, specially since her and Mieke have always been the boys and Gwen’s biggest cheerleaders for ALL their projects (music and outside music).
    There has been so much negativity lately that is kinda disappointing to read some comments, specially since the Gwen bashing is a constant these days and it’s gets crazy when you read some comments around here. BSO is part of the ND culture and a fan hangout for so long, but now there are some new people or just new screen names that don’t contribute to the debate in a positive way like we have been doing for years and it’s kinda sad to see that all their hard work with posts turns into a battlefield in the comments section.

    1. The reality is that Gwen chased most real no doubt fans off long long ago and what you have been left with is mostly just Gwen Stefani fans. That’s why the Gwen bashing has not been around too much since she left no doubt in 2005. Even then a lot of us still tried to support her. But most of the recent endeavors of Gwen’s seem more like selling out rather than being a good pure genuine artist like she use to be.

      It just gets old getting your hopes up and then having them smashed by some bleached blonde because she has fame a.d.d. and always gets distracted if there’s a new opportunity.

      After so many times being let down and lied to, you can’t not expect that to happen. I remember in old interviews she use to be worried she would ruin no doubt by going solo. I don’t know if she was right, but she sure wasn’t wrong.

  15. How can going back and forth with a Gwen fan be positive? The fact that she deleted it shows she thought better of it. We can look at the long history of bands and break ups and see that when girlfriends and spouses weigh in negatively it doesn’t have a good outcome.
    There is increasing negativity from both sides and that seems to be growing and that is a shame. Is it over Gwen singing the song at a country event or the ones at that private event? I feel sorry for Gwen in that she is getting a lot of heat after coming off a nightmarish year and used music to get thru it. Some are blaming Blake for the estrangement of her and the band…it all seems to be getting out of hand.
    Looks like she has gone missing on twitter and I saw video of her in the car after arriving from France and it looked like she was crying.
    I don’t know why fans can’t wish her well this year and for them all to be back together next year. The growing animosity between the fan bases can really exaggerate any differences but the longer it goes on and builds, it is looking less likely they will reunite.

    1. Spreading gossip about a band member’s wife doesn’t bode well for a positive outlook or environment either. It doesn’t seem as though you saw the twitter exchange yourself and so far you’ve supplied no proof or sources of what was actually said, so this is all hearsay and might be blown out of proportion. I hope you can see where I’m coming from. I think we can all respect not only Gwen/Blake and her projects, but also the guys, their wives, and their project. <3

      1. I said it was deleted, never said I saw it, but I saw what the person who interacted with her was saying about it. Other Gwen fans told the engaging fan not to continue the back and forth because Gwen had enough stress and didn’t need that to be happening.
        Does it really matter what exactly was said–I see no reason for the negative exchange to be going on. Since his wife is not a band member she doesn’t have a say and spouses of don’t have to be really considered or involved, IMHO. The wife of a CEO of a company will not be doing an exchange with the shareholders. Trust if Blake were engaging the ND fandom it would not go over well. That’s all.
        I think it is enough that Gwen is dealing with being a suddenly single mother under the worst circumstances, with three young kids, and has to deal with disgruntled country music fans, Ran fans, and now ND fans. Not to mention all the naysayers saying her relationship is fake to sell music.
        I would get off social media too if I were her since it is so negative out there.

        1. I feel like my point is going over your head. You didn’t see the exchange, so why are you spreading this gossip? Do you think that’s helping Gwen’s “stress” level? Why are you so quick to believe that Erin would speak badly of Gwen when you didn’t even see it? Why run to this site and spread the gossip even further? I wouldn’t have known about any of this if you hadn’t posted about it and it looks like others wouldn’t have either.

          Gosh I can’t wait for the tour to begin so the discussion can turn back to the music! 😀

  16. Lets see what kind of music the guys are doing. You can define it but you cannot know how it sounds until you hear it, It’s that simple!
    😀 I’m very excited!!!

  17. I wish someone had taken screen shots of the Erin/fan feud. I don’t have Twitter so I have no idea what happened…Also, where can I see that video where Gwen is crying?Anyone knows? :O

  18. I don’t think those gossips are true. If there is a video of Gwen “crying” it would be all over the internet, TV, magazines, etc, because people like stuff like that.

  19. I personally don’t buy this Twitter feud situation. There is zero proof it happened and virtually no information on what may have been said. Wish we could keep this thread more positive and not bring the drama into it. I am so glad that the guys are making new music together. Tom and Tony are such incredibly writers, I am excited to see what they produce. Does Adrian write songs? Not sure if he has writing credits on many songs.

  20. To answer my own question, Adrian is only credited on Moving On and Open the Gate Up. I wonder what his input is in the creative process.

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