Photos: 13th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational; Day 4

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Check out photos of Adrian from today during the last day of the MJCI tournament wrapping up now North Las Vegas at Shadow Creek Golf Course. We hope he had a wonderful time at the event and hope everyone raised a lot of money for charity!

Click here for more photos from the tournament and gala hosted at the ARIA Hotel and Casino.

5 Replies to “Photos: 13th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational; Day 4”

    1. It is pretty unusual that there hasn’t been any social media updates, sightings or news about her in over a month or so. It must be nice to have time to herself and family since she’s been involved with so many projects as of late. But, I do miss the heck out of her and the band!

  1. I know she needs her rest but I mean not one sighting? just seems strange for Gwen since we saw so much of her. I hope the whole Chris Martin & Gwenyth thing doesn’t affect the Rossdales too much. It’s sad, they were/are friends, right?

    1. Yeah, it’s pretty strange. But I guess it’s possible for celebs to really take time off for themselves. I just hope she’s doing well.

      I believe that the Rossdales were close to Chris and Gwenyth. So sad.

  2. Gavin has been out and about. I hope all is well with Gwen and the baby. It’s been kind of nice having her take a break from the daily fashion show. I was tired of that being the only “news”. I’m sure she’s enjoying this family time!

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