Nina Young Acknowledges Fans Support During Difficult Time

Nina Young took the time to address and thank us fans during this difficult time for the family. We have been on the fence about addressing the issue on the fan site considering the sensitivity of the matter. We want them to know that we are respecting their privacy but at the same time are overwhelmed with respect and admiration for keeping all of us updated. Words cannot express how heartbreaking the whole situation is, and we just want to say again how sorry we are and our thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.

You can view and contribute to the forum thread here.

I’m sitting in my hospital room, recovering from surgery. I’m blessed to have wireless internet which allows me to read this wonderful thread from you all that the “Things-we-heart girls” so kindly passed on to us. As you can imagine, this is a difficult time for us, having lost our daughter after 7 months of pregnancy. Your kind words and thoughts mean so much as we now begin our healing process. Thank you for your love and support, xxx’s and ooo’s Nina

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  1. It was so gracious and thoughtful of Nina to thank the fans-she,Adrian and the entire Young and No Doubt families remain in our hearts,thoughts,and prayers.

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