Nina Updates Us On Adrian Running In LA Marathon; Stats Added


Thanks to our friend Amanda for tracking down, found on, we now have Adro’s times — congratulations again, Mr. Young! We’re all proud of you!

Distance MAR
Clock Time 04:11:14
Chip Time 04:06:52
Overall Place 3024 / 22122
Gender Place 2348 / 13058
Division Place 370 / 1515
Age Grade 51.8%
Pace 9:25.1
5K 0:29:49
10K 0:59:04
15K 1:28:13
20K 1:57:40
25K 2:28:56
30K 2:58:31
35K 3:27:47

Thank you to Nina Young for letting us know how he did! And we’re glad to hear that his knee held out!

Just to let you all know that Adrian did an AMAZING job today in the marathon! He finished in about 4 hours. His knee started hurting at mile 16 but he powered through and finished!!! You would all have been proud!

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